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  • PRS's Avatar
    28th December 2020, 11:38
    Dear all, Due to a lot of requests I'm opening a new round for a CNC milled full aluminium A4000d front panel as designed by Stoobs...
    38 replies | 2379 view(s)
  • NoPyroNoParty's Avatar
    29th December 2020, 14:56
    SOLD eight tested, working MC68060RC50 (mmu, fpu) last revision mask 71e41j clean pull processors, perfect for the new Warp cards that weren't quite...
    22 replies | 1779 view(s)
  • Bmt_HR's Avatar
    14th January 2021, 14:21
    Bmt_HR started a thread Sold Amiga 500 RGB to HDMI adapter in Amiga
    Hi, I have for sale new and tested RGB to HDMI adapter. For completing HDMI output you need Raspberry Pi Zero and mini HDMI to HDMI cable which is...
    26 replies | 1079 view(s)
  • stachu100's Avatar
    23rd January 2021, 17:35
    Hi, As in title: I have them for about 10 years now and I was hoping to get some free time to fix them. Looks like free time is a luxury for me....
    18 replies | 604 view(s)
  • rcousins's Avatar
    20th January 2021, 20:48
    rcousins started a thread Sold Amiga 1000, Loaded in Amiga
    I'm selling my Amiga 1000 (NTSC). This comes complete with original box, disks and keyboard (manual is missing) with original 256KB chip RAM...
    14 replies | 764 view(s)
  • Junior's Avatar
    8th January 2021, 19:06
    KCS Powerboard PC Emulator for Commodore Amiga with Zorro slot . Comes with manuals and original DOS Disk in in the original KCS Box ...
    15 replies | 600 view(s)
  • NoPyroNoParty's Avatar
    12th January 2021, 13:26
    I have for sale 5 tested, working, full MC68060RC50 (mmu, fpu) last revision mask 71e41j clean pull processors. These are manufactured by Freescale...
    13 replies | 766 view(s)
  • Andry's Avatar
    9th January 2021, 18:19
    Andry started a thread For Sale Commodore Hardware & Software in Commodore
    Some hardware for sale: - Floppy Disk Drive Commodore VIC1541 Boxed for Commodore VIC20 (tested working) - Euro 150,00 - Floppy Disk Drive...
    13 replies | 661 view(s)
  • xyzzy's Avatar
    17th January 2021, 22:57
    xyzzy started a thread For Sale Amiga 1200 top conditions in Amiga
    I put for sale my Amiga 1200, as I don't give it much use (I'm more of a 'big box Amiga' user). It's in excellent cosmetic shape. Audio and video...
    9 replies | 722 view(s)
  • alainneke's Avatar
    30th December 2020, 14:09
    Iíve decided to sell my spare A4091 controller (rev A, see Used it for a couple of weeks, has been in storage...
    11 replies | 520 view(s)
  • Assahi's Avatar
    3rd January 2021, 18:04
    Assahi started a thread Sold Amiga 3000D holders in Amiga
    I have for sale a floppy holders for A3000D. Both are original Commodore, no replica. 1. Amiga 3000D floppy holder 313284-01 Price is 40...
    14 replies | 486 view(s)
  • shaman's Avatar
    12th January 2021, 00:04
    Hi folks, I'm selling my 68040 accelerator at 30 MHz from Hardital named "OverTheTop". For some technical details click here:...
    12 replies | 501 view(s)
  • AlessandroBilbao's Avatar
    10th January 2021, 17:00
    AlessandroBilbao started a thread For Sale Amiga 600 Mainboard in Amiga
    I have this mainboard in my collection that needs to be repaired, I don't have much time so I am selling it to repair, the symptom is that R01 emits...
    11 replies | 590 view(s)
  • Linozine's Avatar
    31st December 2020, 17:14
    I'm selling my A4000TX Project 030 / FPU / SB11 / Diagrom + Retro case. Bought it incomplete over ebay few months ago (Some custom chips / Gals...
    10 replies | 743 view(s)
  • 3246251196's Avatar
    9th January 2021, 02:48
    3246251196 started a thread For Sale Amiga MegaChip upgrade in Amiga
    I have for sale (was 2) (was 1) now 0 Amiga MegaChip upgrades (including the 8375) that are tested and working. Asking (was 140£) (was 130£)...
    10 replies | 619 view(s)
  • catclou's Avatar
    7th January 2021, 19:05
    I have for sale a Amiga keyboard with one white and one black case. The cases are custom painted and are in a very nice cosmetic condition. NO...
    11 replies | 457 view(s)
  • Assahi's Avatar
    30th December 2020, 07:47
    Assahi started a thread For Sale Commodore Amiga 2000 in Amiga
    I have for a sale Amiga 2000, tested and working. Setup is 0.5 chip ram, 0.5 fast ram, Kickstart 1.3. One floppy 3.5" Chinon F-354E connected a...
    8 replies | 736 view(s)
  • head's Avatar
    20th January 2021, 22:39
    head started a thread For Sale Graphic cards (AGP, PCI) in Other
    Have some items for sale, all working: Graphic cards _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Creative Labs Graphics Blaster (CT6710) - 15,- € Nvidia Riva...
    9 replies | 388 view(s)
  • alan.turner's Avatar
    27th December 2020, 18:03
    alan.turner started a thread Closed Cybervision 64/3D in Sales Archive
    Selling my cybervision - includes scandoubler Works fine.
    8 replies | 539 view(s)
  • lewism's Avatar
    23rd January 2021, 02:23
    lewism started a thread For Sale Unknown external Amiga floppy drive in Amiga
    Don't know anything about this drive, it was already in bits (screws missing) in a box of random Amiga stuff I acquired somewhere over the years. It...
    10 replies | 319 view(s)
  • CrazyC's Avatar
    27th December 2020, 16:11
    Well for Xmas I got a rapidroad USB for my checkmate. I got a couple of short USB extenders that did not have chunky female connectors, and took...
    2 replies | 1361 view(s)
  • Chiemsee's Avatar
    17th January 2021, 19:37
    KCS Power PC Board Plus A500+ 1MB RAM Boxed MS-DOS Emulator 1MB RAM A500+ V2 Manual Installation disks
    8 replies | 321 view(s)
  • DragonRider's Avatar
    9th January 2021, 05:06
    DragonRider started a thread Sold Amiga 2000 QWERTZ keyboard in Amiga
    Greetings from a fellow Amiga user. I have here an Amiga 2000 "QWERTZ" keyboard for sale that I had mistakenly purchased from a different auction...
    8 replies | 418 view(s)
  • lewism's Avatar
    30th December 2020, 17:30
    lewism started a thread For Sale A600 PSU in Amiga
    A1200 PSU (240v with UK plug) in working condition EDIT: It actually says A600 on the bottom but I was fairly convinced that this was the original...
    8 replies | 282 view(s)
  • screemo's Avatar
    29th December 2020, 21:25
    screemo started a thread Sold A3630 cpu card in Amiga
    Hello, I have finished my testing on the TX board I built (thanks Hese - you made it work fully), so I'm selling this 030 card which I have no use...
    7 replies | 470 view(s)
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