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  • cyberstormer's Avatar
    23rd November 2020, 15:55
    cyberstormer started a thread Sold A3000D Defective in Amiga
    Hello there, Some time ago I bought a A3000 here for my friend. at that time it has no video out on VGA Port, he try to fix, therefore he cleaned...
    23 replies | 1194 view(s)
  • helcost's Avatar
    15th November 2020, 17:59
    helcost started a thread Sold Amiga 1200 in Amiga
    Computer only. No PSU, no mouse, no floppy drive. Extremely discoloured, see photos. Despite all the above this machine is fully working :-) ...
    15 replies | 804 view(s)
  • tony1999it's Avatar
    5th November 2020, 15:49
    Following this thread! I saw a lot of interest in a WarpEngine 68060 adapter that allow to...
    13 replies | 638 view(s)
  • levo-ace's Avatar
    30th November 2020, 12:33
    levo-ace started a thread Sold A1200 in Amiga
    I am downsizing my AMIGA collection and have decided to include my spare amiga 1200. It has NOT been recapped or had any other work done to it. ...
    10 replies | 573 view(s)
  • cugar124's Avatar
    10th November 2020, 11:44
    Hi Guys Ok little bit of a story on 3d Printing.. I wanted a bit for the A4000 so I could use a Small factor PSU so I went on to here: ...
    12 replies | 410 view(s)
  • AWalter's Avatar
    30th November 2020, 20:49
    AWalter started a thread For Sale Amiga 4000 desktop in Amiga
    Amiga 4000 desktop for sale 3640 25 MHz CPU card 16 MB Fast Ram ROM 3.1 4 GB IDE HDD Two floppy drives and CD-ROM A4000 books and 3.0...
    8 replies | 784 view(s)
  • raketa's Avatar
    8th November 2020, 11:56
    raketa started a thread Sold Amiga 1200 in Amiga
    A1200, Desktop Dynamite ed., fully working, original state, UK model. Case without broken parts, all clips are intact. Boxed, without styrofoams....
    8 replies | 813 view(s)
  • Assahi's Avatar
    17th November 2020, 10:39
    Assahi started a thread Sold Amiga 4000D parts in Amiga
    I have for sale some A4000D parts: 1. Commodore A3630, tested and working, recap done, price is 110 euro + shipping. SOLD to mariuszk844. ...
    9 replies | 508 view(s)
  • Bevanj's Avatar
    8th November 2020, 14:14
    Bevanj created a blog entry CF Card with Whd load in Bevanj
    Hello I was wondering if anyone could make me a large compact flash card with workbench 3.9 I have got an Amiga 1200 With blizzard 1260 128 mb of...
    2 replies | 1384 view(s)
  • arymanx's Avatar
    15th November 2020, 19:23
    Work still in progress but decided to share it. I will have to tweak around few bits but its almost perfect. More pictures here:...
    8 replies | 366 view(s)
  • riri's Avatar
    15th November 2020, 14:12
    riri started a thread Sold Amiga 2000 Floppy Drives in Amiga
    Hi I have this 3 Amiga 2000 drives to sell : 1 - FZ-506 - I can t test it with floppys , but led turns on and it spins - 25 euro SOLD to...
    9 replies | 211 view(s)
  • Assahi's Avatar
    23rd November 2020, 21:14
    Assahi started a thread Sold Motorola XC68060RC50 in Amiga
    I have for sale used XC68060RC50 full (mmu, fpu) revision 1 68060 CPU, tested, working. Proce is 120 euro + shipping.
    9 replies | 308 view(s)
  • davideo's Avatar
    17th November 2020, 12:06
    It's time to reduce my collection of Amigas and the first to go is this nice clean 500+ Battery has been replaced with a rechargeable coin...
    9 replies | 365 view(s)
  • screemo's Avatar
    15th November 2020, 19:21
    Hello, I'm letting my xeltek go, as I have not been using it as much lately. No marks of wear and always packed in it's box after use. Been...
    9 replies | 309 view(s)
  • PRS's Avatar
    28th November 2020, 15:49
    Hi all, I'm cleaning out some storage and therefor I have up for sale: Amiga Technologies A1200 Mainboard Rev 1d4 Citizen Diskdrive Recapped...
    7 replies | 341 view(s)
  • gseb's Avatar
    21st November 2020, 11:06
    gseb started a thread Sold Matze LAN-IDE card in Amiga
    Selling a Matze LAN-IDE card. The card has the Z2 firmware. If you which I can install the Z3...
    7 replies | 290 view(s)
  • drbrain's Avatar
    26th November 2020, 11:35
    drbrain started a thread Sold Defective Amiga Hardware in Amiga
    Up for sale are some "defective" amiga hardware. Commodore A3630 Not booting in my A4000. Caps replaced a few years back. Don't know what's...
    5 replies | 378 view(s)
  • riri's Avatar
    12th November 2020, 23:53
    riri started a thread Sold Blizzard 1230 III 16MB in Sales Archive
    Hi I want to sell this board: Blizzard 1230 III 16MB Good working board 250 euro Shipping from Belgium , please ask prices... Thanks
    6 replies | 366 view(s)
  • Tahoe's Avatar
    17th November 2020, 12:48
    Selling a rev 9.01 A3000 16Mhz motherboard in excellent condition, hardly any battery corrosion/damage, just very slight discoloring on some pins....
    6 replies | 461 view(s)
  • telonio's Avatar
    8th November 2020, 21:45
    For sale a brand new Re-Amiga 3000 with some parts already soldered, plus the rest list parts from Mouser (all parts brand new). I was going to get a...
    6 replies | 442 view(s)
  • Sandancer's Avatar
    7th November 2020, 23:30
    Sandancer started a thread For Sale Gotek in Amiga
    Gotek for sale with latest FlashFloppy firmware v3.21 & Amiga 1200 cable so you can use original floppy aswell as gotek also has a 128x32 Blue OLED...
    5 replies | 314 view(s)
  • Miru's Avatar
    28th November 2020, 17:55
    Reserved for Revival 9001 (until 12/1/2020) 650 GBP plus shipping plus either paypal fees or bank transfer Upon cold start some Amiga 2000...
    6 replies | 307 view(s)
  • miggymad's Avatar
    9th November 2020, 21:09
    miggymad started a thread Found Commodore 64C empty case in Found Archive
    Preferably with no holes drilled into it or cigarette burns/melted plastic. Not too fussed if dirty, yellowed or has no case screws ... so long as...
    7 replies | 196 view(s)
  • Junior's Avatar
    15th November 2020, 15:37
    Commodore A1060 SideCar PC Bridgeboard Unit The sidecar is in perfect condition with original box and Manual . No Harddisk mounted , The extra...
    4 replies | 389 view(s)
  • migacollector's Avatar
    23rd November 2020, 17:53
    ATARI STE 520 1MB BOXED SOLD AS SPARES OR REPAIRS Boxed 1mb 520 STE Spares or repairs comes with power lead , rf cable. the pictured software. ...
    6 replies | 270 view(s)
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