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  1. Request Apollo 1260 repair + Marmes memory mod
  2. Request amiga internal floppy drive
  3. Request a request,to all members to program an obsolete part
  4. Request dual booting
  5. Request X68000 PSU repair
  6. Request Help re ACA 1231
  7. Request Someone in the US to recap or repair Amiga boards
  8. Request Recap of a600 board and removal of rf adapter
  9. Request Neo Geo Scart cable modding/creating
  10. Filled Indivision AGA mk2cr VGA cable
  11. Filled A3640 repair
  12. Filled repair requested - bbc model b caps and rom
  13. Request Recap of A1200 in the UK
  14. Request Repair Commodore 1084S-D1
  15. Request help with N.E.S.
  16. Request Amiga 4000d recap/repair EU
  17. Filled A1200 Recap in London/UK
  18. Offered A600/A1200 Recap Service in UK
  19. Acorn A4 repair.
  20. Filled Apple //c Null Modem cable.
  21. Request Amiga 600 and 1200 recap - Great Yarmouth
  22. Request A600 RF modulator removal
  23. Offered US Located - Recap and SMD repairs
  24. Request A4000D Board Rev. B IDE not working, help needed.
  25. Request Ps3 disc drive laser
  26. Request Information about onboard SAM440 memory chips
  27. Request Amiga 4000, Battery Leak fix, UK
  28. Request cd-rom for amiga 500+
  29. Filled A1200s + Accelerators need recapping. Attn: bebek
  30. Filled 3 SCSI cables 30cm length from Blizzard SCSI kit to 50 pin
  31. Request Apple II 9-pin to PC 15-pin joystick adapter.
  32. Request ROM programming.
  33. Offered Spraying service
  34. Request: Amiga 3000 repair
  35. Request Recap/Repair Service In Australia
  36. Request turbo buttons
  37. Filled Amiga 1200 and Amiga 600 motherboard cap replacement. ATTN: bebek
  38. Request A600 recap/repair In The UK
  39. Request Remote hands in Coolidge AZ
  40. Filled GBA1000 expansion board assemblying
  41. Request Kickflash OS4 Repair
  42. Request help with floppy drive
  43. Offered Recap service in Sweden
  44. Request recapping service in south of the Netherlands (Noord Brabant/Eindhoven)
  45. Request Full Re-cap of Socket 775 Motherboard in the UK
  46. Request 1084S monitor repair needed!
  47. Request: GoldStar 3DO RGB Mod
  48. Request: Modchip install Xeno to two Gamecubes
  49. Offered Amiga 4000 Premium recap and upgrade service
  50. Offered Amiga 1200 Premium recap and upgrade service
  51. Request CSA Mega-Midget Racer help
  52. Request Amstrad/Schneider/ZX Spectrum 3" Floppy Disk Drive Repair and Allignment
  53. Request PC Overclock setup service
  54. Request 5.25 floppy drive service
  55. Request Need a 1200 mother boards audio fixing and recap
  56. Offered WinUAE: A Full Configuration Service For Your Collection In One Easy Step
  57. Request Service manual for Commodore 1551 disk drive
  58. Request Backup save game from N64 carts
  59. Request A1200 recap in Southeastern US
  60. Request service for iPhone 4S required
  61. Request Amiga A1200 timing fixes in Australia
  62. Request repair service or parts list for broken Vampire 2 A600 - UK
  63. Request A600 repair UK/DK
  64. Request Can someone supply & write 3x EPROMs please?
  65. Request 3D model and print alloy wheel center cap
  66. Offered Console Modding Service - UK based - Various mods offered
  67. Request transfer an amiga HD image to micro sd card
  68. Request A600 Motherboard Recap - Australia
  69. Request A1200 repairdepending on answer..
  70. Filled Sega 32x region mod and pad fix
  71. Request Assembly of 040-060 adapter
  72. URGENT : Amiga CD32 recap and repairs required.. UK ONLY
  73. Request Repair /replacement of commodore 1581 power switch.
  74. Filled Philips CM8833-II Repair (UK)
  75. Request A1200 Recap in Australia
  76. Filled (Recap Req.) Macintosh Carrera040 Accelerator
  77. Request Recap of Amiga 2000, 3000 & Mac LCIII (in EU)
  78. Offered Amiga hardware repair, restoration and upgrade service
  79. Request A1200 - No Blue Colour on RGB
  80. Request Repair / Diagnose (ACT) Apollo 030 Mk3
  81. Filled ZX Spectrum +3 audio fix
  82. Filled (Solved) CPC Disk Drive Repair wanted
  83. Filled repair of a amiga 1500,for drojman
  84. Request Apollo 2030 Turbo Repair
  85. Filled amiga 500+ repair
  86. Offered CPC 664 and Amiga 600 Keyboard repair
  87. Request A1200 recap needed in the UK
  88. Request Kickflash OS4 Rev 2 Repair Request
  89. Request PAL SNES 60Hz + lockout chip mod.
  90. Request Need somebody to repair my DCTV please
  91. Filled BPPC/BVPPC repair
  92. Request Amiga 1200 no sound output
  93. Request Amiga 4000 onboard ide not working
  94. Offered 3D-Printing / Construction / Design
  95. Request Amiga CD32 recap in Spain
  96. Filled A600 repair broken pads? UK
  97. Request A3000 board clean-up and recap
  98. Filled 2 x C64Cs - no signs of life
  99. Filled replace gary socket on a500+
  100. Request Possible A4000 board repair: Full re-cap, clock battery removal, possible sim socket replacement and any other problems if found!
  101. Filled CM8833 mk2 repair with chroma luma modification
  102. Offered A3640 PCB Swap service
  103. Request request for a friendly american or canandian to buy me av cable and post to uk
  104. Request Amiga 2000 MB repair and recap
  105. Request Recap of an EOS VLT60-3000
  106. Offered Refurbish / recap drop-off at Amiga32
  107. Request Fixing most likely dead JP MegaDrive 1
  108. Request Very very basic request
  109. Request Atari Falcon
  110. Filled Philips CM8833-II repair requested in the UK
  111. Filled Attempt repair Blizzard 1260
  112. Offered Japan Stuff
  113. Filled Dragon 64 repair
  114. Request Total refurb and repair of A4000 Rev B motherboard.
  115. Request Chip flashing request
  116. Request 2 Drives - Commodore 1541s
  117. Request A1200 Repair in the UK
  118. Request ZX Spectrum+ Keyboard repair
  119. Request BVision Memory Replacement
  120. Request Repair BlizzardPPC
  121. Request Motherboard driver disc - V600DAP
  122. mediator pci 1200 repair
  123. Request SCSI cable from Blizzard SCSI kit to 50 pin
  124. Anyone local to Herts (UK) does recapping?
  125. Request Repair Commodore 116
  126. Request C64 Repair Service UK
  127. Request PC engine duo-r recap UK
  128. Request Amiga 4000D PCB battery leak/Recap repair & Warp Engine Diagnose
  129. Request Need someone in UK able to test A4OO0T VIDEO/AUDIO module
  130. Request Recap service in the Netherlands for A1200
  131. Filled GVP Tekmagic 2060
  132. Request Rework Solder Service - 68060 on Blizzard 1260 - Germany based preferred
  133. Filled cm8833 mk1 repair and service
  134. Request Amiga A600 Top Row of Keys not working
  135. Request Amiga 4000 Re cap required
  136. Request request. dragon 32: recap and tweak
  137. Request Atari 5200 Composite Modification
  138. Request Dragon 32 Repair
  139. Request Dreamcast install modbios dreemshell
  140. Request Disable the lockout chip on my French NES
  141. Grundy NewBrain Repair.
  142. Request A600 Recapping required
  143. Request A4000D Power supply REPAIR
  144. Request Recap / Repair Service (in US)
  145. Request A1200 Recapping and Accelerator check
  146. Offered Amiga Service (Italy located) - Repair, recap, upgrade, improvement, assembly and spare parts
  147. Request A1200 MoBo Recap/Repair
  148. Request Amiga 3000 Repair (U.S.)
  149. Request Blizzard PPC 060 repair help needed
  150. Filled Aneroussis Ellinike Super Stick 2000
  151. Request Motherboard repair and busboard recapping
  152. Offered Amiga and Game Gear Recapping Services & Refurbished Amiga's UK Based
  153. Service from Bryce ;-)
  154. Request Atari Falcon board - where to repair?
  155. Request Repair/Replace Line Out sockets on a Sega Mega CD 2
  156. Request Sega Mega CD repair service in Northeast USA area (preferably)
  157. Request A1500 Motherboard Repair?
  158. Filled CD32 Motherboard recap with Capacitors which never leak
  159. Request C128D PSU repair?
  160. Request Voodoo 5500 repair.
  161. Filled 3D Printing service
  162. Request Amiga 4000 in need of repair
  163. Request Cm8833 MK2 s video mod.
  164. Self-assembly SD2iEC kit for Commodore 64!
  165. Request Amiga 500 repair in belgium
  166. Request philps cdi drive problem
  167. Request Amiga 500 Rev8a repair
  168. Request famicom av mod
  169. Request Assembly of Wireless KTRL pad
  170. Request Somebody to set up AmigaOS3.9 for a BVision for me
  171. Request PCB Repair (with Schematics) - 8088 Board PSU assembly
  172. Filled Repair Philips CM8833-II - faulty switch and possible recap (Birmingham)
  173. Request A4000D recap / repair (Canada)
  174. Request Re-cap my Amiga 1200
  175. Request Re-cap my Amiga 1200
  176. Request repair for Amstrad Mega pc
  177. Offered Compact Macintosh 128k/512k/Plus services
  178. Request Set up a CF Card for my CD32?
  179. Request Soldering service needed desperately!!
  180. Request Request: PCB design / adaptation
  181. Request CAD Design for Amiga CD32 Case Enclosure