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  1. How to use this Service Forum
  2. Offered 3" Disk conversion
  3. Closed 8-Bit Commodore Disk Imaging
  4. Offered Modding and repair services
  5. Subzero's Arcade Models
  6. Filled Free (x2) simple soldering tasks
  7. Offered old xbox mod's UK (basic stuff) "not 360"
  8. Offered Japanese Retro Computer Stuff
  9. Offered Amiga drives refurb
  10. Offered Disc polishing/cleaning service - 5 available at reduced rate!
  11. Request A3000D repair
  12. Offered Apollo 68040 to 68060 upgrade service
  13. Request Cabinet maker
  14. Request Repair Intellivision
  15. Request Sega Nomad Modifications
  16. Request Amiga 2000 ISA slot extension to 16 bit
  17. Filled Trace repair FastATA 4000
  18. Closed Hard Drive & CF Card Setup Service
  19. Filled A600 Capacitor Replacement
  20. Filled Apollo 1240 40Mhz Battery extraction / replacement required and some TLC :-)
  21. Request A4000 refurbishing
  22. Offered A600 / A1200 recap service
  23. Closed Amiga ATX power supplies
  24. Request Sega Saturn modification North West UK
  25. Request Motherboard A4000D refurbishing
  26. Request Someone to Retr0bright some cases for me
  27. Request Replace CAPS for my A1200 and A600 in Japan
  28. Offered DOS/9xpert: Optimize your dos box with custom menus and robust EMM with maximum UMBs!
  29. Request Test floppy for Amiga 1200
  30. Request EPROM copy
  31. Request Blizzard 1230 repair
  32. Request Recap and repair of A1200 and A4000 in USA
  33. Offered Blizzard PPC reballing
  34. Commodore 64 Repair WANTED
  35. Filled Snes repair
  36. Closed A4000T Door & Plastics restoration/retr0brighting
  37. Request Sheet Metal Cutting
  38. Request Amiga 4000 faulty mainboard
  39. Request WPA upgrade for amigakit.com easynet wireless card
  40. Request Soldering IC sockets, recapp service in Barcelona or in Spain
  41. Request A1200 CAPS replace and timing fix in Japan
  42. Request Repair on Amstrad CPC disks (by a greek)
  43. Request SIMM socket replacement on 040 Warp Engine
  44. Request Blizzard 2040 repair
  45. Request Apollo 1230 Turbo (SCSI onboard)
  46. Closed Custom 3D badges/stickers
  47. Request 360 modification
  48. Request CSS & Styling help for relaunch of Classic Amiga resource website
  49. Request ZX Spectrum 128k +2 Repairs??!
  50. Request A4000D PSU Mod
  51. Request Amiga 600 white screen on power up
  52. Request PC Engine / Turbo Duo RGB mod
  53. Offered Commodore case A1200 - A500 plates
  54. Request A600 recap and service
  55. Request Apollo upgrade
  56. Request xbox 360
  57. Offered Hosting on my Amiga
  58. Offered XBOX Hard Drive Upgrade Service
  59. Request A500+ Mainboard Fault Find / Repair
  60. Request Repair of Amiga 4000 in UK?
  61. Request Repair/Soldering services Atari/Amiga SPAIN or EU
  62. Filled ATX - Amiga PSU conversion
  63. Apollo 1260 - Black screen of death
  64. Wanted to use extra memory on Apple//e but another slot than OXILIARY
  65. Offered Downloadable Everdrive Art.
  66. Request amiga 4000D faulty
  67. Request 3000/4000 repairs near Norway?
  68. Filled Hack me up a new PSU for my A1200?
  69. Offered Delfina Lite DSP upgrade to 66MHz
  70. Offered I perform Re-Cap's / Mod's / Fixes (Mainboads PSU's)
  71. Filled fix (replace) c64 memory (Finland)
  72. Filled Can anyone can help med convert an ATX PSU to a A1200
  73. Request Repair a Blizzard 1230 MkIII
  74. Request A500 Power supply repair (120v/60Hz)
  75. Request PicassoIV repair
  76. Request Someone to change a power jack on a psu
  77. Request PC Engine GT / TurboGrafx Express Repair.
  78. Apollo 1260 no boot with Ram installed
  79. Request Replace SMD BIOS chip on laptop motherboard
  80. Offered Rework on A3000/A4000 motherboard
  81. Request Sega Saturn Audio Out (L&R) Mod Req.
  82. Request Need various stuff fixing
  83. Request PC Engine Duo-R Region Mod and RGB Mod
  84. Request uk adress
  85. Offered [EU] IBM Model M bolt-mod
  86. Filled Amiga 600 for recapping anyone help?
  87. Filled A4000D Motherboard recapping
  88. Request [UK] A1200 Recap/Video Problem
  89. Request Amiga 4000 RGB Problems, requires service
  90. Request Blizzard 1230MkIV, 1260 & PPC Accelerator (requires service)
  91. Request Original Xbox Softmod Needed
  92. Request Repair on A1200 motherboard (mouse problem)
  93. Request Modchipping my consoles
  94. Request Eupean Sega CD model 1 repair
  95. Filled Mod my PSX
  96. Request Atari 2600 Jr Composite Video mod
  97. Request Solder CDTV SCSI Kits
  98. Request Build an A500 rev 6 / HxC machine
  99. Filled 1x A3000 & 2x A4000 motherboard repairs
  100. Request PAL SNES 50/60HZ and region lockout switches
  101. Request Help with shipping from german ebay.
  102. Request Anyone Wanna Mod My 5200?
  103. Closed Free Service - PS2 FreeMcBoot programming
  104. Offered A2/3/4K power supply service.
  105. Request Sinclair 48k+
  106. Request Anybody able to print Everdrive labels?
  107. Request Recaping of A1200 & A600 in Paris, France
  108. Request A2000 and A600 recap / repair
  109. Request Amstrad CPC Repair
  110. Request Recap of an A1200 in Sweden
  111. Request Game Gear recap/speaker
  112. Request CD32 gamepad repair
  113. Request Help with SCC-1
  114. Request A3000 motherboard repair
  115. SNES Cart save battery replacement
  116. Filled A4000D Motherboard Repair
  117. Filled Mega Drive model 1 50/60Hz and language switch
  118. Filled a1200 rgb problems recap remedy
  119. Filled Desoldering components from an 8bit ISA card service
  120. Request Commodore 64 PSU Build
  121. Filled Vectrex recap
  122. Filled Recap a1200
  123. Filled CM8833 II monitor repair and CHROMA/LUMA addition
  124. Request Re-balling BGA of 2 x graphics cards
  125. Request Apollo1240 to 1260 conversion
  126. Request A4000D Motherboard Repair
  127. Request electronics expert for 2 repairs
  128. Filled Someone in the UK to buy, recieve, and ship an Amiga game to me in the US
  129. Filled Custom cable 3.5mm Phono - CDROM Audio
  130. Request Joystick adapters for Videopac G7000
  131. Request Amiga 4000 MB and CPU fault diagnosis
  132. Request A1200 repair in Sweden?
  133. Request repair of A2000 motherboard
  134. Request Apollo Elbox 1230 LC and 4xEIDE'99 Buffered Interface to be fixed
  135. Request PC motherboard recapping
  136. needing the adf selector files for gotek drive. 1.05a selector.adf
  137. Request PC Engine RGB mod
  138. Request Console repairs
  139. Request Amiga 600 floppy holder bracket file on thingiverse.com
  140. Request Console mods
  141. Is there any way to fix my Commodore 1084 Monitor?
  142. Offered Key rings with customized logo
  143. Request Broken 040 board help/fix
  144. Request Blizzard 1230 repair: Bent/broken pin on edge connector
  145. Request Amiga Floppy Disk Drive repair
  146. Request PSOne Modchip Install
  147. Request RGH for 360 slims
  148. Request Mod my Mega Drive 1
  149. Request IPOD Nano 2nd generation battery eater
  150. Request Upgrade BPPC 040 to 060. and Cyberstorm 040 to 060..
  151. Request Two CD32 pads need looking at
  152. Request Everdrive NES N8 Sticker / Label
  153. Request Vectrex Help Required
  154. Request Recap A1200 (Finland)
  155. Filled Amiga 4000 rev B motherbroad needs to be repaired
  156. Offered PCB prototyping service.
  157. Request A1200 motherboard IDE fix
  158. Request Octagon 2008 scsi repair
  159. Filled 3000 Motherboard Repair
  160. Request Blizzard III simm socket needs some adjustments
  161. Offered Assembly work to install a slim CD to the A1200 desktop
  162. Offered Service for Amiga 4000 3000 2000 1200 600 A3640 A3630 capacitor, SIMM socket, HDD&FDD port repair or replacement
  163. Request Commodore 8032 PET repair
  164. Request PCB Design Help Request
  165. Request Custom cable -> ACA500 internal
  166. Request: GVP 68030 25MHz Impact I
  167. Request a1200 tower blizzard 1260, sound issues.
  168. Is there someone who can repair a CyberstormPPC?
  169. Request Help Cdtv
  170. GVP A1230 Turbo + Series I (MK1) Repair
  171. Request Amiga 4000 D + RBM busboard repair
  172. Request Someone UK based to Repair a Philips cm8833 power switch.
  173. Request Right hand Virtual Boy Screen just went dead!
  174. Offered Amiga Pegasus 2 motherboard repair service
  175. Retr0briting?
  176. Request A4000 motherboard battery area cleaning + full recapping.
  177. Closed My CF and HDD Setup Service is back!
  178. Offered Recap and various other services.
  179. Filled commodore 1084S-P2 main board repair
  180. Offered Amiga and Commodore 64/128 Repairs in Australia
  181. Offered Commodore Computer Repair
  182. Offered Machining Service.
  183. Request Housing replacement for DS lite and or Xperia Play mobile
  184. Filled 1200 030 accelerator repair wanted and test
  185. Request A3640 & A2000 Repair plus a few others
  186. Request Atari xl 800
  187. Request Laptop Repairs
  188. Request Amiga A4000 in need of some TLC - South of England, UK
  189. Request Tow A3000D and 3 A3640 for repair/servcie
  190. Filled zx spectrum 128+3 power supply repair.
  191. Request A3000 motherboard repair
  192. Request Amiga 1200 Mediator / Voodoo/ SB128 / Lan and other bits installation
  193. Request Recap a1200 motherboard x2
  194. Request Someone to translate/relay a Polish website listing and help with delivery..
  195. Request Need help with a 486 computer in denmark
  196. Offered Free GVP SIMMs assembly - 36 modules total
  197. Offered spectrum power supply repair.
  198. Filled Dead A4000 In need of repair
  199. Offered ZX spectrum repairs
  200. Request hi i am in need of a turbo duo rgb - recap job
  201. Request XT-IDE and ISA ROM board buildI would
  202. Filled A500 PSU Repair Needed
  203. Closed 68040-68060 Adapter (for A3640/Warpengine) assembly service
  204. Offered 68040-68060 Adapter (for A3640/Warpengine) assembly service
  205. CBM Plus/4 support
  206. Request Recap A1200 (UK)
  207. Request Someone to fix my Amstrad 486 SLC Motherboard
  208. Filled A3640 Repair/upgrade
  209. Request Laseractive - SEGA PAC - Possible Recapp / Repaire
  210. Filled Repair of Demon Driver by Tomy
  211. Request Faulty Picasso IV card
  212. Request Appollo 68040 needs repairing please
  213. Request ONboard A1200 EX 2.0 Repair
  214. Filled Repair of AT power supply
  215. Filled Anyone able to offer advice / REPAIR a Commodore 1541-II disk drive please?
  216. Request CyberStormPPC and Picasso IV repair
  217. Request Sega cd model 1 sound chip replacement
  218. Offered Spare part sourcing service - ICs/chips
  219. Request for hikey a message and request for information/help
  220. Request Need help from a danish amiga repair man on leaky batteri here in south part of denmark
  221. Request Game Gear recapping
  222. Filled the repair of a 1084S-D1 power supply...
  223. Request Mod my fat Playstation 2 for Region Free gaming + 50 / 60Hz
  224. Offered Commodore 16 64K RAM expansion service
  225. Filled SNES switchless 50/60hz mod PAL in the UK
  226. Request Amiga service / upgrade ( UK , Edinburgh )
  227. Request Cyberstorm PPC repair
  228. Offered Mod Services, Now Accepting Consoles
  229. Request Programming ATTINY2313-20PU
  230. A4000 rev.b board cpu slot repair needed
  231. Request Looking for distributor for my products!
  232. Filled Amiga 4000 motherboard defective
  233. Request Sega handheld mods and repair
  234. Filled A600 Repair and Recap requested please
  235. Request Sam440 onboard RAM soldering
  236. Request someone to check over a super cic install and fix it or do a fresh install on another machine
  237. Request Amiga A600 Recap
  238. Canada: Trusted recapping service, A1200
  239. Filled A600 - Red Screen (RSDeath)
  240. Philips CM8833 Monitor Repairing Service
  241. Request Amiga 3640, CS060/PPC, CS MK3 board repairs
  242. JiffyDOS and C64C soldering work required
  243. Request Commodore 1940 Monitor Repair/Refurbishment UK (Preferably South Coast)
  244. Request Help with hard drive
  245. Request Amiga 4000 Not booting
  246. repairing my blizzard 1230 v
  247. Request Mk 1 PAL Sega Saturn modchip in the uk
  248. best video cable - commodore 1084s
  249. Request SD2IEC Evo2 IEC/Power cable
  250. Filled SCSI cable from Blizzard SCSI kit to 50 pin