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  1. Closed Scale Arcade Cabinet Models.
  2. Large format prints of cleaned up retro box art. Any interest?
  3. Closed NES Toploader AV mod
  4. Filled 8 BIT ISA PC PCB Build (USA)
  5. Filled Blizzard 1240 to 1260 upgrade
  6. Filled Blizzard 1240 upgrade
  7. Closed a1200 kickstart 3.9
  8. Closed x
  9. AMIGAOUF party (Swiss)
  10. Request Need help with Apollo 1260
  11. Closed Commodore 64 stickers
  12. Closed Pick some Amiga stuff from TX (US), wrap them and ship worldwide
  13. Filled C128D (CR) PSU cap replacement.
  14. Closed XBOX 360 phat reflow/reball
  15. Filled Change blizzard 1260 CPU to a rev6
  16. Closed Amiga 3000 motherboard repair.
  17. Closed Need help / hand on a Germany address pickup
  18. Filled Need help on transferring to a German IBAN ( PSD BANK )
  19. Closed 44pin 3-head IDE Cable
  20. Closed Picasso IV Fix?
  21. Closed Cyberstorm MkII firmware
  22. Closed A2000 Motherboard repair
  23. Closed Oric Atmos Repair
  24. Closed Amiga 4000 x4 Motherboard repair/rebuild challenge
  25. Closed looking for someone who can fix my SX64 keyboard
  26. Request amiga a500+ and a590 chip ram
  27. Closed A1200 maintenance (recap), BPPC maintenance (battery replace), PCMCIA slot and bvision loose pin repair
  28. Filled Gameboy advance transistor? repair.