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  1. For Sale Timex computer 2048 / timex fdd3000
  2. For Sale Currah Microspeech synthesiser
  3. Sold Spectrum+ complete keyboard + some extras
  4. For Sale DRAM Chips
  5. Sold ZX Spectrum Harlequin motherboard KIT
  6. Sold Unused German Sinclair QL in original packaging with accessories
  7. Closed Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 in excellent condition
  8. For Sale Recreated ZX Spectrum Boxed Mint Condition
  9. For Sale Sinclair ZX81 (Black screen) in box + 16K ram pack
  10. Sold Sinclair 128K (Toastrack)
  11. For Sale Sinclair Flat-Screen Pocket TV - BOXED with genuine adaptor (also BOXED!)
  12. Sold ZX Evolution Motherboard - ITX Sinclair Board - REV C - NEW
  13. Sold Boxed Sinclair SJS2 Joystick with Protek Adapter...
  14. Sold Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 with SJS Joystick
  15. Closed 2 Spectrum +2 Grey and Black and some tapes
  16. For Sale ZTX650 Transistor replacement 2SC3228 1 EUR
  17. For Sale Boxed Quickshot I, Quickshot 2 and RAM ZX SPectrum Joystick Interface Bundle
  18. Sold ZX Spectrum Hardware
  19. Closed SINCLAIR QL with PSU and 22 microdrive disks
  20. Sold A whole bunch of Sinclair hardware/magazines/etc
  21. Sold НПО "Аксон" Нафаня (Akson Nafanya)
  22. Sold ZX Spectrum 128K +3 Retail Box, PSU, User Guide Owners Manual Handbook
  23. Sold SAM Coupe
  24. Sold Sinclair 1500s / power supply/ memory / printer / docs
  25. Sold Sinclair 128k "Toastrack" - 6k version
  26. Sold QL and ZX Spectrum 48K boxes
  27. Sold Zx81 + memopak 64k + memopak hrg
  28. Sold FOR SALE - ZX SPECTRUM+ Complete System
  29. Sold Sinclair cz 1500
  30. Sold ZX SPECTRUM 128+ BOXED x2 UNIT
  31. Sold ZX81 Clone Lambda 8300
  32. Sold ZX Spectrum 128K +2A Boxed, DivMMC-with-Joy by Zaxon
  33. Sold ZX SPECTRUM +2 wih PSU, not powering on
  34. For Sale Sinclair +3 good condition boxed + psu
  35. Sold Spectrum+ with accessories - perfect working order - plus optional extras (including SMART Card)
  36. For Sale 2 x ED disk drives
  37. For Sale Boxed Spectrum+ (with new membrane) and ZX81 with power supply TRADE FOR AMIGA 600 or better
  38. For Sale Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k keyboard not working
  39. Closed Big Spectrum Collection - +3 and 128k Toast Rack - DivIDE & Z80 IDE + Games
  40. For Sale ZX81 Power Supply PSU (untested - UK sale only)
  41. Sold ZX Spectrum 48K Rev 4S Board with Comp Mod
  42. Sold Sinclair interface 1 and microdrive, tapes
  43. Sold Microdigital TK90X brazilian zx spectrum clone X3 units.
  44. Sold Custom ZX Spectrum 128K with onboard SD and Joystick, RGB AV Out
  45. Sold DivIDE2k11 with 2 GB CF card and Angry Space Invader joystick interface
  46. Sold ULA 2C210E for Sinclair ZX81 - Timex Sinclair 1000
  47. For Sale Sam coupe
  48. For Sale TZXDuino File Player for ZX Spectrum
  49. Sold NEW and sealed Maxell 3" discs
  50. For Sale ZX Spectrum Interface 2 programmable cartridge 10 in 1
  51. For Sale ZX 81 / Timex 1000 - 2C210E ULA
  52. For Sale For free Sinclair +3 power supply guts
  53. For Sale Spectrum ZX +2B
  54. Sold AMX Mouse + Interface + Software
  55. Sold Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 128k
  56. Wanted Multiface 3
  57. For Sale ZX Spectrum Cart to Interface 2 or Interface RAM Turbo. 10 in 1.
  58. For Sale Z80 8-bit Universal IDE interface for ZX Spectrum
  59. For Sale Speccy 2007 (ZX-SPECTRUM clone)
  60. Sold Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3
  61. For Sale Sinclair Spectrum Sound Chips - AY-3-8912A
  62. Wanted 48k ZX Spectrum
  63. Sold Orel BK-08 "Russian Spectrum" New Old Stock ZX Spectrum 48 clone + accessories
  64. Sold Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Custom build
  65. Sold ZX Spectrum Next Board
  66. Sold ZX Spectrum 48K+, new membrane, composite mod, some extras
  67. For Sale 2x Didaktik Gama (80KB)
  68. For Sale Trump card, QXL 2B, Gold Card 2, ISA Motherboard + More
  69. For Sale ZX Spectrum+2A Bundle - Excellent Condition
  70. Sold Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 128k Boxed
  71. For Sale Cambridge Z88 cards
  72. Sold ZX Spectrum 128 +2 grey fully working
  73. Sold ZX Spectrum 128 +2 grey
  74. For Sale Three zx spectrum consoles spares or repairs.
  75. For Sale 8 pcs. TMS4116 DIP-16, replacement "lower" RAM for ZX Spectrum 16k/48k
  76. Sold Spectrum 128k +2 (Grey) parts; PCB issue 3 (faulty) and power regulator
  77. Sold Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K plus Saga 1 Emporer Keyboard
  78. Sold Sinclair ZX 81 + 16K RAM pack
  79. Sold ZX Spectrum 48k case and keyboard membrane
  80. For Sale TZXDuino/CAS PCB's for sale
  81. Sold Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 Complete with Built in IDE 3e ROMs and Scart
  82. Sold ZXPand for ZX81
  83. Sold zx spectrum Genius mouse plus 3 joystick interfaces and a 16k ram interface.
  84. Sold Sinclair ZX80 with cables, manual and box
  85. For Sale Sinclair ZX81 with Memotech 64 KB RAM expansion, power supply and box
  86. For Sale Kempston Pro Joystick Interface
  87. For Sale Cambridge Z88 boxed
  88. For Sale Multiface One
  89. For Sale Memotech Memopak 16k memory upgrade for ZX81
  90. Sold ZX Spectrum 128k in a Lo-Profile keyboard
  91. For Sale Just Speccy 128K ZX Spectrum 128K (Toast Rack) Clone with RGB lead, PSU, Joystick
  92. For Sale Didaktik Gamma 192Kb PCB
  93. For Sale Zx Spectrum 128k Toast Rack
  94. For Sale Spectrum+ and 128 Grey