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  1. Wanted Will buy any Dreamcast PAL game, and some US/JAP as well.
  2. Wanted PC Accountancy Production Softeware
  3. Found PS2 Network Adapter CD Software
  4. Wanted Mashed Fully Loaded for xBox
  5. Wanted Used 5.25 floppies
  6. Wanted JAP/USA/PAL SNES games
  7. Wanted A few Gameboy / Color games to track down
  8. Wanted PC / EPYX games
  9. Found donor cartridges
  10. Wanted Ensemble Studios Big Box PC games (i.e. Age of Empires)
  11. Wanted Neo Geo Pocket Games
  12. Looking for PC game; Command and Conquer Gold
  13. Wanted SNES Games PAL OR NTSC
  14. Wanted Humongous/Broderbund UK/French/Spanish/German/Dutch/Italian/Portuguese/Japanese/Hebrew/Arabic
  15. Wanted Playstation 2 Swap Magic discs or PS2 memory freemcboot memory card.
  16. Wanted Looking for pal super nintendo games
  17. Wanted Sam Coupe original software AND utilities
  18. Wanted Mortal Kombat II 32x (us)
  19. Wanted Ultima VII PC Big Box
  20. Wanted PC Engine SHMUP games
  21. Wanted Settlers III PC 1.60
  22. Wanted Chrono trigger SNES
  23. Wanted Lemmings Vol 1, 2,3 NEON Edition
  24. 3DS games
  25. Wanted X68000 Games
  26. Wanted Windows 7 starter
  27. Wanted x 68000 games
  28. Wanted AMIGA FOREVER R2 2013 Premium Edition
  29. Found Flat TV / Screen (LCD/TFT etc) up to maybe 19" with RGB SCART input
  30. Wanted Sharp MZ 700 game "Star Avenger"
  31. Wanted Retro Console Games SNES, NES, N64, Gameboy, PS1, PS2, Wii, Dreamcast, Mega Drive
  32. Wanted Help - King's Quest IV - Missing disk #2
  33. Closed 64 Bit Windows
  34. Wanted Some Megadrive / Genesis games
  35. Wanted Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64) and Game Boy fighting games in English
  36. Wanted Neo Geo CD Games
  37. Wanted Pikmin 2 For Gamecube
  38. Wanted Big box games
  39. Wanted Boxed Vectrex games
  40. Wanted Texas instruments cassette software
  41. Wanted [MD] TMNT : return of the shredder
  42. Wanted mario kart 8 wii u
  43. Wanted Emperor - Battle for Dune (PC) Big Box
  44. Wanted Gaiares for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis
  45. Wanted Neo geo AES games
  46. For Sale orchid 12 mb extreme pci
  47. Wanted a few SNES games
  48. Wanted Texas Instruments TI99 carts - Extened Basic & Editor/Assember
  49. Wanted Kawaii Games Playable for non Japanese Speakers
  50. Wanted master system games
  51. Wanted NES , SNES , MASTER SYSTEM Games
  52. Wanted Multi platform games: Amiga, Apple, Atari, Sinclair, Sega, Nintendo
  53. Wanted (IBM PC) "Wonderland: Dream the Dream" game cd
  54. Wanted Pyramid Sound Enhancer.
  55. Wanted Looking for 3 dreamcast pal games
  56. Looking for Stargunner by Apogee (PC big box)
  57. Wanted Daze before christmas MD/SNES
  58. Wanted Unreal Tournament 1999 PC Big Box
  59. Universal Eprom Programmer Suggestions?
  60. Wanted IBM/PC DOS Neverwinter Nights von SSI
  61. Wanted Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 game boxes
  62. Wanted Iggy's Reckin Balls N64
  63. Wanted Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT4 big boxes (disks optional!)
  64. Wanted Any Atari Jaguar game
  65. Wanted Any PSP Games(Full Versions)
  66. Wanted A few GameCube (pal or ntsc), Wii and PS2 games if possible
  67. Closed looking for a bunch of ntsc sega dreamcast game's
  68. Wanted Wii re-releases of Pikmin 1 + 2 - full cover versions
  69. Wanted Some Playstation games
  70. Wanted Wii u games
  71. Wanted big box PC games
  72. Wanted Gamecube MGS: Twin Snakes Disc 2 only...
  73. Wanted Cauldron HQ PS3/360 games
  74. Wanted MGT Sam Coupe : Lemmings / Oh No More Lemmings / Pac Man / Tetris
  75. Wanted PS 2 or PS 3 Games bundles
  76. Wanted Broken Nintendo DS Lite for screen
  77. Wanted Wii games!
  78. Wanted Playstations Games
  79. Wanted USA Snes Games
  80. Wanted Snes games PAL
  81. Wanted Missing PS 2 Manuals
  82. Found Sam Coupe - Samdisk - System Disk
  83. Wanted GTA V for PS4
  84. For Sale Nintendo NES Super Mario 3 cart PAL
  85. Closed NTSC N64 Cart / Game PCB
  86. Wanted Streetfighter 2 Floppy Disks for PC DOS
  87. Closed Some Nintendo games (GBC/GBA/NES)
  88. Wanted Darkwing (TurboGrafx) & Wacky Races (NES) and others
  89. Wanted Net Yaroze Soft (or just access card) for School (JP wanted, but EN is ok too)
  90. Wanted Super Street Fighter II - X6800 and FM Towns
  91. Wanted 3DO games
  92. Wanted MSX software in Cart / Disk / Tape
  93. Wanted Commdore OS Vision
  94. Wanted Monkey Island 2 FM-Towns
  95. Closed NES Box Protectors for Snes ones
  96. Wanted Mircosoft Excel
  97. Wanted MSX games for testing purpose
  98. Wanted PC Engine games.
  99. Wanted PSP games (buy/swap)
  100. Wanted typing of the dead (US) Dreamcast
  101. Wanted Coda Music Finale 1.0 or 1.1 for PC
  102. Wanted Stunts by Broderbund
  103. Wanted Sega Rally boxset for PS2 (Jap version) with the bundled version of the original
  104. Wanted 5.25" floppy drive beige front bezel - can be dead
  105. Wanted MSX catridge or floopy 3.5" software
  106. Wanted Planescape: Torment
  107. Found Microsoft Dinosaurs Interactive CD
  108. Wanted Loom PC Cd
  109. Wanted X68000 Games
  110. Wanted System disks for Compaq Portable II
  111. Wanted Dreamcast Games
  112. Wanted Steel Battalion XBOX game
  113. Wanted time crisis razing storm ps3
  114. Wanted Uk Neo Geo Pocket Games
  115. Wanted Chrono Trigger SNES
  116. Wanted Looking for Nintendo 64 games to complete my collection.
  117. Wanted Korean versions of Monkey Island 1, 2 & 3
  118. Wanted Universal Game Cases
  119. Wanted Orc Attack Atari cartidge
  120. Wanted Playstation 1/PSX/PS1 - Bubble Bobble: Part 2 (PAL Version)
  121. Wanted Epson Action Tower 3000 motherboard 486
  122. Wanted XT-CF-lite
  123. Wanted 386DX40 +387 OR Microchannel 486 Upgrade Board
  124. Wanted Master System Golden Axe Warrior MANUAL ONLY (no box/game required)
  125. Wanted Sony Playstation One - Chipped
  126. Wanted Castlevania - nes pal A
  127. Wanted Big box PC Games (Ultima 7 and UW1, PoP1&2, Blackthorne, Rise of the Dragon, Star Control 1&2, Epic/Apogee games)
  128. Wanted Super Rare Gem Big Boxed Apogee Software Mail Order Game New/Sealed.
  129. Wanted Oric Software
  130. Wanted Premier Publications UK101 software
  131. Wanted The following boxed IBM PC games
  132. Wanted DOS Games
  133. Wanted MSX games
  134. Found MS DOS 6.22 Bootable floppy disk 3.5" 720k
  135. Wanted Ghostbusters for the PCJr
  136. Wanted 486 mobo that natively support DX4 CPUs
  137. Wanted Tiger Game.com games
  138. Wanted Compaq version of Windows 3.1 needed, 3.5" floppy version.
  139. Wanted IBM System 36 Software
  140. Wanted Sealed Final Fantasy Games (Many Consoles)
  141. Wanted Thrustmaster NASCAR pro driver.
  142. Wanted Ultima Series Games (PC)
  143. Wanted Sega Dreamcast PAL games
  144. Wanted Eye of the Beholder 1 & 2 & 3 (PC) Big Box Complete
  145. Wanted Sega saturn panzer dragoon saga
  146. Closed Sega Mega CD Formula One: Beyond the Limits game.
  147. Wanted Looking for big box copies of the original Quake w/ Mission Packs (NTSC preferred)
  148. Wanted Mega CD, SMS, MD, SNES Games
  149. Closed Metal Slug Anthology PAL for Wii
  150. Wanted Looking for Age of Mythology and Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion Big Box PC Games
  151. Wanted Worms - Special Edition (und Reinforcements) / only available in German
  152. Wanted Magician Lord NeoGeo MVS cartridge
  153. Wanted Pandoras box 3 or 4 multi jamma games
  154. Wanted Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - Christmas Chronicles and other JJR games
  155. Wanted Factory Sealed Video-Games: SegaMD-Genesis,PS1,PS2,PC
  156. Wanted Looking for a large bunch of nintendo 8 bit games and a second controller (( 004E )) and zapper!
  157. Wanted Kings Quest 7 big box
  158. Wanted Looking for a few games (mostly japanese)
  159. Wanted WTB Lemmings & oh no more Lemmings for MGT SAM COUPE
  160. Wanted Transport Tycoon (Deluxe) PC big box
  161. Wanted Mint Sega Master System II Box
  162. Wanted Roland MPU-401 midi and Midi Devices MIF-IPC-A isa, Roland MPU-IPC-T and MPU-IPC-T isa card!
  163. Wanted MSX Turbo R
  164. Wanted Paint Shop Pro 3.0 or 3.xx retail version
  165. Wanted Retro gamer e-mag vol. 2
  166. Wanted Unique UX Turbo XT Mainboard - utility diskette
  167. Wanted Turbo card for IBM XT
  168. Wanted Vendex Headstart II or III
  169. Wanted Zelda Link to the Past SNES PAL
  170. Wanted Sega Master System Games
  171. Found Bedlam PC DOS version (1988 GO!)
  172. Wanted Coleco ADAM
  173. Wanted Level 9 games
  174. Wanted Resident Evil Deadly Silence
  175. Wanted The last of us steelbook (ps4)
  176. Wanted Compiler for 16/32 bit computers
  177. Wanted Mega CD Games
  178. Wanted Koei PC/IBM games
  179. Wanted MechWarrior (Dynamix, 1989) CIB for IBM PC/PC Compatibles
  180. Wanted Metal Gear Solid PS1 PAL manual
  181. Wanted IBM PC DOS 7 and 2000 and IBM PS/1 setup software
  182. Wanted Fatal Encounter - fighting game for IBM-PC (DOS), 1993, released in Australia
  183. Wanted One step beyond for pc
  184. Wanted Specific big box PC games wanted - list kept up-to-date
  185. Wanted Sierra games: Gabriel Knight, Colonel's Bequest, KQ5, SQ1 & SQ2.
  186. Wanted Windows XP Media Centre Edition
  187. Wanted Startopia Big Box in English
  188. Wanted Big box games - Age of Empires II - Nightmare Creatures - Lost Eden (White label edition) - Thief II: The Metal Age - Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption - Wheel of Time - Zork Nemesis
  189. Wanted Warlords 2 & 3 for PC
  190. Wanted LEGO Lines for IBM PC
  191. Wanted Looking for IBM PC jr Game Cartridges
  192. Wanted Looking for ms dos game borrowed time in 5 1/4 floppy disk.
  193. Wanted Transport Tycoon Deluxe PC big box
  194. Wanted SD2SNES or Super Everdrive
  195. Closed Nes Everdrive
  196. Wanted Soundblaster AWE64 or AWE32
  197. Wanted PAL Laserdiscs
  198. Wanted Road Wars MSX version
  199. Wanted Steinberg Cubase 3.x Dongle (red)
  200. Swap Plz delete
  201. Wanted Msx Games please
  202. Wanted VLB SCSI Controller card
  203. Wanted NES games
  204. Wanted Looking for anything coco or crash bandicoot vintage
  205. Wanted American McGee's Alice (2000) - US in box
  206. Wanted resident evil deadly silence DS
  207. Wanted Arts & Letters Graphics Editor 2.0
  208. Wanted PC Ripley's Believe it or not - The Game
  209. Found NFS Carbon Collector's Edition
  210. Wanted Halo 2 Vista / PC
  211. Wanted Cascade Cassette 50
  212. Wanted Commander Keen games
  213. Wanted One Must Fall 2097 complete registered version: box, instructions, etc.; and the strategy guide
  214. Wanted Mega Games 2 for the Mega Drive
  215. Wanted Temple of Apshai + Ricochet for HP 150 computer
  216. Wanted Gainward Bliss driver CD for Geforce 8XXX series graphics cards
  217. Wanted Some big box PC/DOS games.
  218. Wanted Ultimate Doom Big Box (DOS)
  219. Wanted Pixar Typestry for PC and Tempra Turbo Animator or Tempra Media Author
  220. Wanted Nintendo 64 Zelda Majora's Mask
  221. Wanted A Few Items For My Game Room
  222. Wanted Apogee/3-D Realms Mail Order Floppy games
  223. Wanted Big Box DOS game components
  224. Wanted Rise of the Triad PC CD big box version
  225. Wanted Retro Gamer e-mag Load 2
  226. Wanted PC AT case w/o power supply
  227. Wanted Wonderland Dizzy (NES) Kickstarter
  228. Found Penitum 200mhz mmx
  229. Wanted Adaptec AHA-2842VL board
  230. Wanted Software for Sharp MZ-700
  231. Wanted I am looking for software for Creative Labs Awe32