View Full Version : Sold BlizzardPPC 603e+ 200MHz@233MHz, 060 rev.6 @72MHz, 128MB, SCSI on board

29th May 2018, 16:02
For sale is my BlizzardPPC i find no use for.

It rather requires a Tower system to maintain proper cooling. I have no heart to cook it in a desktop case.

Working just fine.

68k CPU upgraded to 060 rev.6 and overclocked to 72MHz. Socketed.
PPC CPU overclocked from 200 to 233MHz

Card comes with 2x64MB SIMMs

This is a version with SCSI controller, but I have no SCSI cable for it.

Price is EUR 950 EUR 850 (or near offers) and includes shipping within EU. Payment via PayPal as friend (preferred) or IBAN. Price significantly dropped due to my urgent expenses.

29th May 2018, 20:14
What board revision is it?

29th May 2018, 20:47
I think it’s 0.

31st May 2018, 06:53
Declaring interest, PM on the way.

31st May 2018, 10:23
Money received. Item Sold to stachu100. Shipping next few days.

31st May 2018, 14:21
Hello! The SCSI worked fine on 72 MHz?

31st May 2018, 14:41
I had no cable and haven't checked that.

Thread can be closed, item is sold.

13th June 2018, 07:24
Received, everything is ok. Thanks!
Feedback on the way.