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31st May 2018, 12:38
Need money for another project so i'm putting it on sale.
Very good overall condition. 100% working.
Asking 130 Euro + shipping. Thanks!

31st May 2018, 13:16
Interested. Any pics? Does it include everything? How much would shipping to Ireland be?

31st May 2018, 14:10
Card + ribbon. No gnd cable, which i never used anyway. Shipping - maximum 10 Euro.

31st May 2018, 17:47
Opps, i posted it in a wrong category. Mods, please move it to the right place ;-)


31st May 2018, 18:02
What is the grid cable used for?

31st May 2018, 18:03
interested next inline, pending questions and pictures

31st May 2018, 18:15
Your post is not in the good section I think arti :

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31st May 2018, 18:15
GND cable? It's been used to ground Indivision in Amiga case to avoid some interferences with video
signal (Probably. As I said, i had never needed to use this cable and I got 3 or 4 those scandoublers, in few Amigas).

31st May 2018, 21:34
Ah sorry I miss read gnd as grid without my glasses. If you want to fire me a PM with the total to send you including fees, shipping etc and Iíll get it over to you either later tonight or before 10am tomorrow morning.

31st May 2018, 22:40
Payment sent.