View Full Version : Sold External HD floppy disk drive 1.76MB

3rd June 2018, 13:11

I have for sale this External HD 1.76mb drive.
Tested and working

Price: 70 + 10 shipping + paypal fee

Pedro :thumbsup:

3rd June 2018, 14:29
Interested pending questions. Sending PM

3rd June 2018, 14:37
PM replied ;)

3rd June 2018, 16:53
Interested next.

5th June 2018, 04:46
Payment sent. Thanks!

11th June 2018, 23:26
1 week since payment sent with no communication. Filing claim with PayPal tonight.

13th June 2018, 04:51
Seller made a statement in PM yesterday to send tracking information. 24 hours later no information received. PayPal item not received claim filed. Hate to do this but no communication for a week after sending the payment (after being hounded for it) then after posting the complaint here finally received PM with promises that are not kept. Never had any problems before with any other sellers so I don't know what is going on with virge but this has gone into the unacceptable range.

18th June 2018, 13:42
Good afternoon.

Moderators please help

I ask the moderators, to see a problem that I have in my sent messages. My last message I sent was December 11, 2013. I already did a test yesterday with keropi (Mod) and the message was not saved. Also in recent days I have had some problems because some people can not read my messages.
In this case I want to prove to the buyer that I send a message and I can not. But I replied here and there is no message ...
I see in the Track Message for Pgovotsos that there is day 12th June 2018 00:16, but in the sent messages it does not appear.
Not only in this sale but in others I have had this problem.
Can you please check what's going on?