View Full Version : Sold Couple of external floppy drives for Amiga - Tested and clean

8th June 2018, 18:09
Hello all!
I have 2 external floppy drives for Amiga for sale.

I never opened them so I don't know the maker, but I'm not the first owner so they could have been opened by the previous owner(s).

I tested them with X-Copy with the "doscopy+", "format" and "checkdisk" options and I also read and wrote an entire floppy to/from RAM: using the CLI.

They work well, one has a green led and the other has a red led. Both have an on/off switch on the back. They also have a "bridge" floppy port in order to plug another external floppy.

I'm asking 28 euros for each floppy drive or 50 euros if you buy both together.
P&P not included.

Shipping to Italy is 9 euros with tracked and signed for courier. Shipping to EU/UK about 18 euros (ask by PM for a quote) always with tracked and signed for courier.

136150 136151 136152 136153 136154 136156 136157 136158

If interested, please, declare your interest here and send me a PM!
As you can see from the pictures the color differs a bit, one is "more gray" and the other is "more beige"... if you are interested only in one, please, specify which one you would like. :)

The items are also for sale elsewhere.

8th June 2018, 19:08
Interested. Will mail you later.

8th June 2018, 19:14
Ok mate! :) You also know my email address if you want...

8th June 2018, 20:05
intrested, pm sent

8th June 2018, 20:16
intrested, pm sent

PM replied!

12th June 2018, 11:20
Payment received from SukkoPera! Both drives sold. :thumbsup:

I'm sorry mate, hopefully you'll find an external floppy drive soon... :(