View Full Version : Sold Blizzard 603e Power Board

12th June 2018, 12:10
My Blizzard PPC accelerator for Amiga 1200 is up for sale.
This card was originally equipped with 68040 and later upgraded to 68060.
The 060 CPU (rev. 1) runs at 50 MHz and is socketed - easier upgrade to later revisions.
The 603 CPU (rev. 2.1) runs at 180 MHz.
The card is populated with 256 MB of RAM via two 128 MB SIMM modules and it comes with original user guide.
I am asking for 750 EUR + shipping, payment via PayPal or IBAN transfer.

12th June 2018, 17:18
Possibly interested. PM sent asking for more information.

13th June 2018, 09:46
Deal done! :) I'm going to send the money with IBAN.

13th June 2018, 13:05
Money sent through bank transfer. It will arrive in a few days.

15th July 2018, 09:48
Item received quickly and in great shape, thanks for the deal! :)
Positive feedback on its way!

17th July 2018, 08:37
Positive feedback left.