View Full Version : For Sale Various Amiga 2000 components - piecing out my system

16th June 2018, 21:25
I am piecing out my Amiga 2000 currently and have some nice hardware that I would like to pass along to Amibay members. If you want something please send me a message ;)

I am in the USA and would prefer to sell to a USA based member (due to high shipping costs) but if you are willing to pay the additional shipping fees I will consider it.

1. GVP A2000 Impact HC+8 Series II with microSD2SCSI adapter and 8MB onboard $150

2. Amiga 2000 A2620 CPU Accelerator - 68020 @14MHz $150

3. Commodore 4MB Zorro card - Big card with lots of chips. Adds 4MB of ram to the system. $40

4. Amiga COCOLINO PS/2 mouse adapter with Commodore PS/2 mouse $25

5. WiModem232 (version without the screen) and custom 3D printed heavy duty dark brown case. $50

6. DBK MegaChip 2MB Chipram Upgrade for A500/A2000. Has PAL 8375 Angus installed (will turn an NTSC machine to a PAL machine if installed into one) $150

7. PS2 to Amiga 2000 keyboard adapter (minimalistic cable). $20

9th July 2018, 04:41
Expressing interest in the A2620 - how much RAM is on the card?