View Full Version : For Sale Amiga 1200, Apollo 1260@80MHz, more

18th June 2018, 12:41
For sale Amiga 1200 - recapped (tantalum capacitors), de-yellowed, washed, pimped. Fully functional. Disk drive working well, but you have to use some force to eject the disk (i think its cause by bad positioning in the case).

Next, Super Nintendo interface to plug in a SNES controller. It has many features.

Next, three CF cards with PCMCIA adapter (3x512 MB).

PSU, original, 3A.

Wifi card (WPA2), tested, working like a charm.

Original Amiga mouse, used a few times.

SD2IDE adapter with 16GB card (fixed, the LEDs on A1200 now works properly). The card is loaded with full of demos, games etc.

And many disks (original Heimdall here!).

380 EUR + shipping.