View Full Version : For Sale C= 1084 monitor (pickup ONLY from near Vienna, Austria)

25th June 2018, 19:27
Right - bit of an oddball one this .....

My mate's other half is in the latter stages of clearing out her deceased father's house in Austria. Now he had an Amiga 2000 in his mancave for video captioning ...
I now have that Amiga 2000, but not the 1084 monitor, which is still in a small town 20km or so south of Vienna - and would need to be picked up from there between this coming weekend 30th/1st and the following weekend of 7th/8th July.

I can't supply any details about it, but it was known to switch on correctly a few weeks ago. The only other thing I know about it is the fact that is uses 9-pin D connector for RGB video in (in fact I have its 9-pin D <-> Amiga 23-pin cable here, but it could go back to Vienna at the end of this week).

Anyone sufficiently interested would be advised to take along an Amiga with them to check it out .....

Obviously this monitor can be used with e.g. Atari ST (but you'd likely need to make your own cable) and plenty of other machines via composite video (or even TTL RGB/CGA).

Asking price (but not cast in stone) would be €90 (including Amiga RGB cable). You'd need to contact my mate Graham by phone (not sure yet if he'll routinely have any proper internet connection when in Austria). Anyone interested would be best advised to let me know in the next couple of days .....

Please do NOT ask for this to be shipped anywhere - that is just NOT gonna happen.

[Later] Right the RGB cable is now with the monitor in Austria ....

5th July 2018, 21:18
Got a bit more info on this now (mate sent pics)

Its a 1084S-D1 made in Korea April 1991. 9-pin D for RGB, 4 x RCAs.

Just about 3-4 days now until this is no longer available.

18th July 2018, 09:26
Item is no longer available, so thread can close.