View Full Version : Closed Phase5 Blizzard 1230 MK4

25th June 2018, 23:00
Hi I am finding it hard to acquire another 1230 MK IV. Serves me right for selling previous ones. Someone on eBay in Slovakia wants around 400 for his! I asked for better price but no reply.

I don't care if it is in the box as long as it is in good condition and works of course. RAM isn't a problem, plenty of simms laying around or I can get a 128MB stick for little money. I would however like an FPU to be fitted if possible as there is only Chinese sellers of the 50MHz version just now unless there is some on here that I missed.

I am in the UK so please include postage if you have an offer. I know I can get an ACA but I like the classic blizzard. Please help.

I will be selling a Blizzard 1220 with 40MHz FPU and fitted with new VL2020 battery if a par exchange is of interest.

Many thanks,


28th June 2018, 06:33
Closed. Gone for an ACA and will fit an FPU.