View Full Version : For Sale A600/A1200 S-Video Adaptor for Tbtorro's Video Upgrade/Repair Kit

2nd July 2018, 09:22
I have developed a simple, small adaptor for Tbtorro's excellent video encoder repair/upgrade kit (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?98450-Video-repair-upgrade-kits-for-A600-A1200) that takes advantage of the new video encoder chip to provide S-Video output on Amiga 600s and 1200s.


It fits in the space freed up by removing the RF modulator, and mounts on the board by screwing into mounting holes for the modulator, providing an S-Video socket at the rear of the case:

136969 136970

I have a few of these adaptors available in kit form. Fine soldering will be required, but if you've fitted the encoder upgrade kit, this won't be any problem. Three connections are needed as shown in the photo - Chroma to pin 15 of the encoder, Luma to pin 16, and Ground to any ground point (a handy one is the 4th pin of the PAL modulator connection, as shown in the photo). Unfortunately there's currently nowhere else to obtain the Chroma and Luma signals other than directly from the chip pins.

Please be aware that these adaptors will *not* work with the original CXA1145 video encoder - more elaborate circuits are required for that. This adaptor is intended ONLY for use with the CXA1645 video encoder chip, so there's no point in buying this kit unless you also do the encoder upgrade (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?98450-Video-repair-upgrade-kits-for-A600-A1200)!


The kit contains the PCB, two capacitors, two SMT resistors, the socket, and the wires, screws and spacers needed to fit it. Note that the S-Video connector is a tight fit for the modulator opening in the new Kickstarter A1200 cases, but it does fit with a little persuasion (as seen in the photos). The original case's RF modulator opening has more clearance and so is an easier fit.

It's only a very simple board, but of course, I can't guarantee it will work with your setup or won't damage your Amiga. Use it at your own risk.

I'm asking for 8 per kit plus postage, which is 1.50 for the UK, 3 for Europe and 4 for the rest of the world unregistered. Registered / tracked shipping is available for additional cost. I can also accept the equivalent value in Euro.


14th February 2019, 15:17
Interested buying 1x kit. Sending PM.

14th February 2019, 20:11
Payment received and kit posted to thebiga this evening. Thanks!