View Full Version : Wanted Bedlam Spectrum +3 Version

2nd July 2018, 18:30
I'm looking to buy a +3 Disk version of BEDLAM by GO! released in 1988.

Now, I don't actually have any physical confirmation of this version's existence, other than it's price listed in Spectrum magazine adverts of the day.

Obviously I'd love to own a copy if it does exist, but if a collector who owns one was to at least confirm it's existence for me please (with a photo for my own archives), then I'd be very grateful.

I promise not to pester that person to sell it.

Please note: I know that a Spanish ERBE disk release (with Side Arms) exists, I only want to know about the UK (French/German?) single release.

Please pm me if you do have any info...

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

EDIT: I'm no longer looking for this item thanks