View Full Version : Wanted MSX Carts

11th October 2010, 15:27
Looking to buy the following carts for the MSX 1 PAL (Philips VG-8010, actually bundled with this machine here in Portugal) as these where THE first games I've played in any form of computer:

Konamy Athletic Land

Konamy Monkey Academy

If any one wants to part with one or both this games in exchange for €€ give me a PM.


19th October 2010, 16:21
Would also accept any other game cart compatible with the Phillips VG-8010 PAL (32 KB ram) in order to just test the machine.

5th November 2010, 08:55
Found Athletic Land and Monkey Academy locally (and fully boxed :thumbsup2:).

Still, open to offers on other carts for the msx 1 (expetially Konamy ones).