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7th July 2018, 13:21
For sale as in title:
Blizzard 1260 with 060 rev6 clocked at 80MHz and 128MB of 50ns RAM.
New battery and new fan installed as well.

RAM is low profile type, so trapdoor will be closed.
Oscillator is socketed, so you can easily swap 060 (and RAM) requency.
I will add 75MHz and 50MHz oscillator if yu would like to disale fan or connect SCSI KIT (you must remove an first - easy task as it's glued on soft glue only).
Floppy with 060 libs to avoid file transfer added as well.

I will ship the card with 75MHz oscillator installed, as I now from my experience that most of the Amigas are not in good shape.
And so you can experience stability problem with 80MHz.
If you are sure that your Amiga is in good condition (caps replaced, good PSU with caps replaced, good CF card), you can install 80MHz oscillator.

Asking 870EUR including postage wordwide (can accept other currencies).
Payment by PayPal as "gift" or 905EUR as standard PayPal payment.

Also listed elsewhere.

Link to pictures:
Link to video:


7th July 2018, 19:00
780mhz O_o I need :P

7th July 2018, 21:14
780mhz O_o I need :P
It might run Crysis!

7th July 2018, 23:04
Thanks for remark Steve!
Typing error corrected.

16th July 2018, 06:54
Sold outside Amibay.
Mods please close.