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8th July 2018, 19:26
I have to say goodbye to Amiga 3000 as it might be more useful to other amigians. The HDD passed away last week and I don't have time and will to fix it. So for sale is:

Amiga 3000 is:

Re-caped + new battery
NTSC to PAL fixed
230V / 50Hz fix (all by Stachu)
no front cover for one of the FDD placeholders
High Dens. FDD - working
4 MB Fast RAM
HDD is not working (boot menu doesn't see it byt HDToolbox sees it but can't partition it)
kick 3.1
I'll add kick 1.4 and kick 2.0

Amiga and keyboard, as you see are a bit yellowed as I haven't time to redrobright it. little scratches here and there but nothing terrible.

Asking 650 + PP fees + shipment (around 35 but please ask). Shipment only in EU.
In one or two weeks it will be offered also elsewhere.

8th July 2018, 23:49
Interested pending questions.

9th July 2018, 13:00
Will get back to Matt with more info but...
Be aware the sale is EU only.

9th July 2018, 19:50
interested as well.. pending questions.
mainboard revision ?
reworked from US powersupply ? what do you mean with "NTSC to PAL" fixed ? what has been done to the board?
battery-damage fixed ?
keyboard is from A2000 ?
mouse included ?

thank you!

12th July 2018, 15:28
I'm sorry but I have to revoke this offer.
Sorry for inconvenience

moderator pls close the