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8th July 2018, 21:51
From some time I've been wanting to build the Prelude Z2 for the amiga, but being a bit busy , I couldn't. Until I decided to get some holidays and build what I wanted.
Since the factory, has a minimum of 10 boards, I ordered them and since I only wanted 2, I decided to build the rest and sell to someone that apreciates these kind of hardware.
In this build I only used new components from mouser.com, new old stock from Germany and locally. These are 4 layer boards, and they are big.
Of course this design is 100% equal to original board. I even found and error on original board (at least the original one I got) wich is easily solved by adding a diode like I did. (Pictures show it). So people with original boards can fix it.
After assembling board and programming gals, it was time for testing. I'm not a soldering master.
Tests made to each board were:

1- Prlchk
A software made by ACT to test their products. The result was ok 100%, I even tested with a mpegit expansion, wich was detected and played fine.
I could record audio from an external source and from the amiga itself, playing some mods.
3-Prelude Mixer
After activating it I could play any game (ear sound) with WHDLoad.

I will try Octamed, but I don't know how to play with it yet.

All boards worked flawlessly.

Since, I only want 2, I will sell the other 0.(x1 reserved for Jose)
This was not cheap for me and kept me busy for a whole week.
I will ask for each one 200€ plus postage and paypal fees. I cannot escape fees, due to the status of my account. Bank transfer is better and cheaper for those who can trust me :)
Cable is not in picture but is included, please allow me 1 or 2 days to assemble and send to you. I will assemble according to prelude requests.

As per rules please declare interest and after send a PM with questions.
If I don't recieve a PM within an hour I will pass to the next if there is interest. If you have time to declare interest you have 2 minutes more to make any question.
Not answering after 24H you loose your place, no questions asked.
Why I'm doing this?
There are a few users here that don't answer or declare interest without sending PM, time wasters.

Thank you all for watching!


8th July 2018, 22:26
declaring interest...

EDIT: In one! ;)

8th July 2018, 22:38
Interested in two

8th July 2018, 22:54

9th July 2018, 11:04
interested in one pending dodgy deal proposal

9th July 2018, 12:33
interested in one

9th July 2018, 13:53
Hey Marmes! Interested pending questions.. Check PM


9th July 2018, 14:33
Expressing an interest in one!

Will PM.

9th July 2018, 17:22
Forgot to mention that this is for sale elsewhere (A1k.org). 3 are sold.

9th July 2018, 22:08
Deal agreed with BlindGerman.

10th July 2018, 07:06
Interested in one. Sending PM

10th July 2018, 08:28

Interest when you have yet free on sale. PM.

Regards, Sveta

10th July 2018, 22:14
1 Solt to NopyronoParty :)

11th July 2018, 00:38
Payment sent for one.

11th July 2018, 07:07
Interested in one. Do u still have the mpegit add on boards u mentioned on eab?

11th July 2018, 14:14
Tried to pay but error occured. Marmes is informed :)

- - - Updated - - -

Payment for Prelude Z2 Replica and shipping sent.

11th July 2018, 16:34
All sold!

12th July 2018, 03:26
Money sent !

12th July 2018, 23:52
Money refunded, sorry all sold for now.

Money sent !

26th July 2018, 19:38
Dear people that bought from preludes from me :
I still didn't send the boards, because due to their size I had to order apropriate boxes to send and I'm still waiting for them, they will arrive tomorrow. Also, my local supplier for RCA connectors didn't have the amount I wanted, so I had to wait for more. Therefore, there was a substancial delay on these. Boards, cables , labels, etc are ready. I just wait for the apropriate boxes now.
Those who aren't fine with this are welcome to contact me for further information.

7th August 2018, 18:34
Prelude Z2-board received and tested + feedback given :)

7th August 2018, 20:11
Received, thanks! Now if only my A4000 would actually work...