View Full Version : For Sale Atari St / STE Games (Big Box). Working. VGC / Complete!

9th July 2018, 17:45
I am selling many Atari ST Big box (and a few smaller boxed) games. All tested and working about 6 months ago unless otherwise stated. I sold the Atari ST so can no longer use them.

Frontier Elite 2 (with map etc) 10
M1 Tank Platoon 10
Knights of the Sky 10
Their Finest Hour 10
Interphase (smaller box) 10
Killing Cloud (smaller box) 10
F1 Grand Prix (Domark) 10
Stack Up (small box) 10
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (smaller box) 10
Targhan (small plastic box) 5
Little Puff (small plastic box) 5
Lotus Turbo Challenge (smaller box) (didn't load when I tried it.. got to title screen) 5
Populous (smaller box) 10

or 70 the lot

postage is extra



9th July 2018, 23:08
Did you sell your ST in order to buy an Amiga? LOL

Are any of these ST/Amiga releases? I heard there were some PAL releases that were both. Thanks!

10th July 2018, 09:33
I had an Atari St, added a Gotek to try out all the games I'd wanted to try.. but it wasn't really doing it for me.. so I sold it on.. and had all these games left over. Amiga all the way for me!!

I don't think any of them are dual Amiga / Atari disks.. but I can check if that's important to you?

11th July 2018, 04:19
I’m interested in Frontier if you have all the manuals, maps, etc. How much to ship to USA? Thanks