View Full Version : Wanted DKB Inferno Graphics card for DKB Wildfire

11th July 2018, 05:06
Does anyone here know about someone who has or had this graphics card ?
I have a Wildfire and am interested in how the Inferno performs.

If anyone wants to sell his/hers, send me a PM.

Would be cool also just to post what you know about them, or if you have a Wildfire, shout out. I wonder how many are out there?

Does anyone know if the card runs through power provided through the CPU bus ? there is a (short) double male/female power cable soldered on the card,

the "manual" from DKB doesnt specify anthing in regards to that cable

thanks for replying !

15th July 2018, 21:53

This power connector (my two WildFire 060 boards has male connector direct soldered on PCB without any cable) is only for extra expansion in two pci slots. Card run stable without power connection here - no any expansion in pci slots. And Inferno - exists or not possible find? :)

"Do not connect your drives to that connector. It’s there for additional power input to the WildFire board for future expansion purposes only."

Regards, Sveta

19th July 2018, 05:09
Thanks Pavel! Anyone seen the Inferno live?

23rd July 2018, 00:35
Thanks Pavel! Anyone seen the Inferno live?


23rd July 2018, 03:27
I saw that one too :) are there really that many out there? 200 wildfires?