View Full Version : For Sale Amiga 4000 A3660 CPU card, including Rev 5 CPU - NEW - professionally built

15th July 2018, 18:06
Selling a brand new, professionally built, A3660 CPU card. PCB design by John Hertell (Chucky). Beautiful design, the photos don't do justice..

- Comes with full (FPU and MMU) 68060 Rev 5 CPU (tested to run stable at 66Mhz - not in this card though)
- High quality organic polymer capacitors (will NEVER leak)
- Waitstate Mod content on all GALs (SpeedGeek) for a moderate performance increase.
- Metal silver labels on all GALs
- Brand NEW components (no pulls from old cards), some chips are newer and improved variants of the old ones.
- Capacitor polarity silk screen error fixed
- Almost jumperless design (only jumper is for MAPROM feature)
- Best quality components all round
- Fully tested for several hours with games, demos, benchmarks
- Patched KS is also included (for A4000D) IF you can show me proof that you own a licensed KS3.1 set.

Asking 470€ 490 now including shipping (only IBAN transfer, or wire transfer in UK, USA, AUS local to you in local currency). Shipping cost is 17€ anywhere in the globe. Also on sale elsewhere. Sensible offers are welcome. Now also accepting trade offers, (mainly dead/faulty A4000, A1200 A600 and CD32 motheboards, but also dead or working accelerators or Zorro cards etc., no need for low end/older stuff like A500, A1000, A2000, A3000 - I have tons of those)

This card is built in flawless quality, can't get better than this. It takes me several days to source components, build and test one of these cards, which I do in my free time (next to family and work) so please consider this when you think about price..

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that this is small scale production run, the sale is for the card only, and I cannot provide generic support on how to install this in your Amiga, cooling or physical compatibility with different systems, KickStart ROMs, or different expansion cards etc.. It was tested to run in my A4000 Rev B and D, A3000 motherboards. I encourage the buyer to search the several Amiga forums and websites for support if help is needed with installation problems.

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16th July 2018, 13:37
Price drop.

22nd July 2018, 14:46
Price drop.

23rd July 2018, 17:48
Now also accepting trades for partial/full payment

29th July 2018, 20:04
Price dropped with with free shipping anywhere in the world.

31st July 2018, 22:10
Now only accepting IBAN transfers, or wire transfers in UK, USA, Australia to a local account in local currency.

16th August 2018, 19:23
Declaring interest in one piece please.