View Full Version : For Sale GVP Impact A2000-HC - SCSI controller for Amiga 2000

17th July 2018, 11:41
I have for sale a working GVP Impact A2000-HC SCSI controller card (rev.5) for the Amiga 2000.

More info: http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/impact2000hc

Sale includes:
- GVP Impact A2000-HC card
- original install disk

Price is 70 EUR 60 EUR 50 EUR + Shipping (add 4% Paypal fees if paying as goods)


17th July 2018, 19:12
I'm going to point out a known mismatch between the ROMs (v1.0 scsidev.device) and the support disk (FastPrep for v3.x gvpscsi.device) shown in the picture.

The 1.0 Installation disk goes with the 1.0 ROMs.

A better option is the v3.15 gvpscsi.device ROM image from Ralph Babel's website (would need it burned to a 27C256 ROM). If just SCSI is needed (no boot), the Binddrivers loaded driver (disable the v1.0 ROMs) on that FastPrep disk will work.

24th July 2018, 19:47
Price reduced!

...And thanks thebajaguy (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?19560-thebajaguy) for the info! I honestly don't remember which installer I used to setup the card...

BTW prior to removal it was running on a german Amiga 2000A with kickstart 1.2, so autoboot had to be disabled and I remember the SCSI drive would start spinning after the binddrivers command loaded.

20th November 2018, 11:55
Completely forgot I put this card for sale... So, time for a bump and a new price reduction.

It's a good cheap SCSI controller that makes a basic A2000 system much more user friendly :)

3rd April 2019, 18:07
Still for sale.

12th April 2019, 20:47

24th April 2019, 18:36
Reserved for Dietikon82