View Full Version : For Sale 1 MB ChipRAM trapdoor memory for Amiga 500 Plus

17th July 2018, 18:22

This board is the adaptation of the previous version in order to carry 1 MB and so the Amiga 500 Plus can get the most out of it.

It has been done using the "Chip Over Chip" technique,

Tested to the extreme, plenty diskette copies have been performed with their consequent verifications using all the space
of RAM of my A500 + with these cards on, they go perfectly. Also, a memory test using Memtest program is passed for each manufactured trapdoor module,

It includes the short-circuit protection resistances and the enable lever http://www.lemonamiga.com/forum/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Attention: this model is exclusive to Amiga 500 Plus, the owners of a normal Amiga 500 who are interested
they must acquire a 512 KB model board that is suitable for them and also costs less (I remind you that the 512 KB model costs 21€ compared to 32€ for this).




Memory tests passed to the trapdoor memories,

Memory Test program:


Starting the test with a 1 MB trapdoor installed:


2 MB test:


Board price is 32€ per unit; spanish national tracked shipmet cost 4€ and international tracked shipment cost 6.1 €

Payment via Paypal,

31st July 2018, 13:21
Up! There are some units available!

30th August 2018, 13:04
Updated with the results of a memory test program,

3rd October 2018, 13:01
Up! There are units available!