View Full Version : Sold Kipper2k A500 4MB fastram and CF IDE

18th July 2018, 14:59
For sale a Kipper2k Ramboard V2.0 with 4MB RAM and CF IDE. Included is an CPU riser/offset board.
Suited for A500 and A1000.
Price 50,00 plus PP.
137459 137458 137460

18th July 2018, 15:17
Interested, how much is shipping to UK?

18th July 2018, 16:44
Shipping to UK is € 9,80 untracked. Tracked: € 13,00.

18th July 2018, 16:47
Only one available or?

18th July 2018, 20:05
Only one and that's sold to fitzsteve.

23rd July 2018, 10:51
Arrived safe & very well packed, many thanks. Leaving feedback now :)

29th July 2018, 16:28
Hi mate, do you have any clear pictures of where to solder the cables? Kipper's website is missing the images :(


29th July 2018, 17:18
Not sure if it's going to help, but I was able to find this picture


It's not the best resolution but...

It should be on pins 9 and 10, when counting from top. With my board I went different route and soldered this connector to PCI connector header that I had. So now I can just plug it into any A500 board.

29th July 2018, 17:43
it uses the same two spots that the MKL 68K IDE interface uses. :)

/OVR and /INT2 are available on the top side of the 86-position card-edge. Number one is a ground contact, and so is the next one beside it. In older A500 mainboards (rev5) these two positions may form a big unified copper area. When counting the top side positions, /OVR is the 9th, and /INT2 the 10th. In "pin-numbers": /ovr = pin 17, /int2 = pin 19, /int6 = pin 22. Link (http://amigadev.elowar.com/read/ADCD_2.1/Hardware_Manual_guide/node00FE.html) "Google" for other finds of information.


29th July 2018, 20:47
Thanks guys, much appreciated.