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23rd July 2018, 14:40
Hi there, I used to own an A1200 a few years back (now wishing I didn't sell it!). I've still got one piece of software left.

HiSoft's Aura - 12bit audio sampler - PMCIA

Complete with box, sampler, book, and software.


12 or 16 bit stereo soundsampler
the 16 bit version has an AD1847 DSP
direct to hard disk recording
up to 60 kHz sampling into RAM
up to 40 kHz sampling to hard disk
72 dB signal to noise ratio
six RCA connectors:

1 stereo input for digitizing
1 stereo input for mixing the Amiga sound
1 stereo output

the sampling software supports playing and editing of 8 / 12 / 16 bit mono and stereo samples
supported by OctaMED from v5.04
AHI driver

more info: http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/aura


A 12-bit sound sampling package, called Aura, is about to be released by HiSoft for the Amiga A1200 and A600 computers, and the breakthrough is that it uses that magic PCMCIA slot to achieve extremely good sampling performance (relative, that is, to the standard 8-bit Amiga samplers). Aura is fully Workbench 2/3-compliant and can record, play and edit mono or stereo samples in 16-or 8-bit mode. Better than that, it can also sample directly to hard disk, which gives you yet another reason to upgrade to a hard disk machine. Direct-to-disk sampling can be done at rates of over 40kHz, but if you are sampling to memory, rates of over 60kHz can be used.
The Aura software provides 15 programmable real-time single source (one tap) sound effects, and over 60 fully programmable multiple source effects. There's a Fourier 3D FFT display (never a particularly useful option, but it certainly looks good on screen), and some advanced digital filtering facilities. Also thrown in for good measure is a block-oriented sample sequencer and real-time playback of samples under MIDI control.
Now a note for the techies amongst you -- you don't need to worry about the '12-bit' sample portability issues -- Aura's 12-bit samples are actually stored using the standard 16-bit Audio IFF files, so you can, if necessary, actually edit Aura samples using any 16-bit sample editor package.

I'm based in the UK and willing to post to anywhere in the EU.

40 pounds or 55 Euros, this includes tracked postage to anywhere in EU.

If anyone wants any more information please let me know.



10th September 2018, 14:21
Hi Leon, I might be interested in this if still available.

How does it work with OctaMED - does it offer multiple channels of 12 bit audio in addition to the standard 4 x 8-bit channels offered by Paula?

10th September 2018, 14:45
Interested too, thanks

14th September 2018, 19:08
Hi there, sorry about the delay in response. I'm not sure, but here is a link to the manual.


14th September 2018, 19:10
Hi there DannyDrvThr, i'm really sorry but I'm not sure. I will try and send you a link to the manual in a private message as I'm not allowed to post the link here. Can you please let me know if you want to buy within 3 days? Thanks

Hi there bassc, will let you know. If bassc doesn't buy it then it's yours. I'll leave it 3 days.

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14th September 2018, 19:15
Hi there DannyDrvThr, i'm really sorry but I'm not sure. I will try and send you a link to the manual in a private message as I'm not allowed to post the link here.

Your post with the link in didn't show because of your low post count.

I've approved it now.

14th September 2018, 20:04
Interested next.

14th September 2018, 22:27
Interested. Next in line..

15th September 2018, 17:11
Info in on http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/aura

supported by OctaMED from v5.04

15th September 2018, 18:20
Yep, can pay asap, provided bassc doesn't take it

19th September 2018, 11:40
Hi all, just to let you know I've contacted bassc to see if they want to buy or not, I've not heard back yet. Just want to do this out of courtesy to the forum rules.

I will wait until Friday and if bassc doesn't buy then I will sell it to DnnyDrvThr.


26th September 2018, 09:12
Sorry for late reply, I thought thread was dead after checking it a few times after that post. Thanks for information PM'd Leon.

I have decided not to buy if you want to offer it to the next in line.

28th September 2018, 22:13
Please put me in line, expressing an interest :)

6th January 2019, 18:09
whats up with this? available?
Can pay directly