View Full Version : Closed Amstrad CPC464 (joystick port at back)

13th August 2018, 22:26
I really just need to outer case and have a working tape deck as this will be for my Just CPC 2 board...

Will consider full working versions though if reasonable price.

14th August 2018, 09:53
The Amstrad CPC 464 had different types and sizes of motherboard so the cases were not the same. What is the motherboard you have so that you get the right case type?

14th August 2018, 10:30
I have been told itís the one with the joystick port on the back (large board) rather than on the side ...

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14th August 2018, 13:57
Does the keyboard have the membrane type or the wired type and what connector for the power cable that plugs into the motherboard from the cassette player, eg is is brown or creamy white? I have a lot of spares so I may be able to help. If you could fine the motherboard no. it would tell me what you need.

9th September 2018, 22:39
Sorry I missed this message Dagger!

I got one so this can be closed.