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23rd August 2018, 22:46
Love these!

SONY PVM RGB broadcast monitor. perfect for retro, suits my bbc and apple perfectly.

I'm selling this one on behalf of thecorfiot. 50 pick up from near High wycombe, or I would assume 15-20 if sent UPS - but at buyers risk obviously. I'd need wrap it in a ton of bubble wrap and card so assume the box will be big and may take a week or so to ship.

It's the best version, the steelcase 6 button model with the built in degauss button and sound controls. Good nick, even has the finger pulls.

rgb (bnc's)
AND has a SCART input adaptor.

24th August 2018, 09:30

25th August 2018, 13:21
Hi Mate, going to pass up on this, probably regret it as they're great screens. Good luck with your sale and will catch up soon :)

25th August 2018, 21:32
Interested, pending questions

25th August 2018, 22:15
Hi , my broadband is down tonight, I’ve taken some pics of it running on my bbc.

(hopefully will upload in the am) and will check your pm in a sec

THe model is pvm 9024qm

25th August 2018, 23:08
9024qm is probably a typo and should be 9042qm. Which is an absolutely beautiful - and refreshingly compact - little screen. Almost tempted myself, but no possibility for pickup anytime soon and don't trust shipping CRTs. Highly recommended in any case :)

26th August 2018, 00:23
Interested in this and the graphics card Iain. Live in Oxford now so not too far away. Will PM tomorrow.

26th August 2018, 02:17
dionb yes 9042, read it upside down!

thank you :)


26th August 2018, 11:53
interested please UK :-)

26th August 2018, 12:55
Hi, i'm investigating boxes this week for HSG, and the weight - he has a Uk shipping address. So thanks for all interest, I'll update here in a few days.

26th August 2018, 20:43
[Geeky smart-ass nit-pick post warning !!]

The PVM (Professional Video monitor) was not actually rated as a broadcast monitor - BVM series was the broadcast rated range.
PVM's _were_ used in broadcast situations/facilites - e.g for source monitoring, cue-ing up VTR's etc. but not intended for monitoring of master/PGM outs.

AFAIK BVM's had more tweaks and facilites for calibration ..... and possibly somewhat higher resolution.

26th August 2018, 21:29
hi. I'd like to buy this please. Can you DM me for payment details. Thanks!

26th August 2018, 23:21
Hi Slaz

thanks for that info, I wasn't aware. I bought a few myself ages ago from some firm breaking up an outside broadcast van.. it took a few tests to get some good ones. I then worked at Sky for a while and they had SONY's (of course amongst tons of screens) but I didnt know which was which.

ta! :)

27th August 2018, 00:04
hi. I'd like to buy this please. Can you DM me for payment details. Thanks!

that's not how it works here.

there is a queuing system and your not 1st in line.

29th August 2018, 10:38
hi. I'd like to buy this please. Can you DM me for payment details. Thanks!

Another one who's not read the rules...

I suggest you do otherwise you won't be here for long.

29th August 2018, 10:49
quick update for HSG, I've not yet been able to find boxes remotely strong or big enough, and I'm out tonight.. by the weekend I'll have enough boxes to estimate a weight and will pm you. speak then!

29th August 2018, 12:53

31st August 2018, 19:53
Hi, so the monitor and the scart lead is 8.3 kg

i think we are on towards 4 kg of boxes, to give about 3" card and padding on each side the outer is 36cm x 41cm x 55cm. c. 12kg! it seems too heavy/dense for bubblewrap so a good few inches of card, miltiple layers taped on, and softening card from ikea :) i think is the best bet!

if you can check the weight with courier?

one thing, if it does turn out too costly to be practical dont worry as there's no cost/real effort thus far. let me know if thats workable.

4th September 2018, 11:50
payment for monitor received from HSG. All we need do is work out when the package is delivered to his UK address, or if someone picks it up for him in a few weeks.


30th September 2018, 13:47
Hello Mr HSG :)

any thoughts on your local friends or shipping? Its all packed and still here of course!