View Full Version : Wanted ZX Spectrum 128 "Toast Rack"

25th August 2018, 23:19
Chasing the original Sinclair Spectrum 128k (affectionately known as the Toast Rack)= doe to the exposed heatsink on the right hand side).

Any condition considered.

28th September 2018, 20:15
Hi, I have a 128k but it's in a 3rd party case (Lo Profile keyboard) and has been modded to output S-video as well as 2x RCA Stereo by the previous owner. These are not jacks but cables soldered to the board. Would that be of interest?

4th October 2018, 00:44
Hi there! Sorry, only just saw this message.

Unfortunately I want this model of ZX Spectrum for my collection (I have every other model) so the S-Video and Stereo modding, if done VERY neatly, does not bother me too much, but without it's original case it is not really a ZX Spectrum 128 (toastrack) any more. :(

Still interested in one though, even in non working condition.

24th October 2018, 02:49