View Full Version : Sold 3x 240GB SSDs

5th September 2018, 12:05
I have 3 240GB SSDs for sale.

All Western Digital WD240G, unopened and unused

Looking for 20 each + Postage

Postage in the uk is as follows:
Boxed - 3.00 postage
Unboxed - 1.50 postage (i.e. taken out of original packaging)

The postage prices are correct regardless of quantity
I.e. 3x unboxed will still only cost 1.50

(The unboxed ones will fit in "large letter" posting, whereas the boxed ones need to go as a small parcel)


5th September 2018, 12:19
Interested in all three. PM later.

5th September 2018, 12:37
Interested in 1 if it gets to me

5th September 2018, 12:41
Interested in 1 likewise

5th September 2018, 13:32
interested in 1 if becomes available

5th September 2018, 17:49
Sold to kixs...

Paid for and shipped!

If I come across any more during my sorting out I will let the rest of you know...

What's the rule on pre-reserving things?

5th September 2018, 18:20
Having just reread the rules, there's nothing specific in there about reserved listings as far as i could see, and people (including mods) on here do sometimes post things as reserved.

The main thing is probably to avoid having (or appearing to have) any form of hidden auction. So in this case if you were saying that if you found more of the same, thise who declared would be next in line and the price would be the same, you're ok.

That's how it looks to me.

5th September 2018, 18:38
the simple rule is you cannot declare in an item that's not currently for sale or an item without a price etc.

usually reserved is because the seller might notice a member has an outstanding wanted thread and gives 1st refusal
or when a member justs PM another member that I know he/she sells lots of many items and simply ask do you have "Item xxx" as im looking for one just thought id ask.

then to keep things all within the rules a sale thread is created and "reserved" placed.

there's nothing stopping you creating a wanted thread and the "seller" posts in your wanted thread.

but the easiest way so 1 person doesnt snaffle all 10 up in one go not giving anyone else a chance is to limit "1 per customer"

everyone declares in "1" and when the list reaches 10 all sold.... if the list reaches 6 then the last 4 would be offered to 1,2,3,4th and so on until all gone.

its a bit more work for the seller but gives everyone else a chance at getting one.