View Full Version : Reserved 3x 240GB SSDs (MORE!)

12th September 2018, 12:09
Pghulme had withdrawn interest... Let me get myself sorted out with the others and then I'll work through the interest list ^_^;;;

Half-Saint has also withdrawn interest! Moving on to xeon3d.
xeon3d withdrew.. moving on to limboy777
limboy777 didn't respond, moving on to looneybinjim
Sold to looneybinjim

I've decided to sell my last set of SSDs, as I've changed my mind about upgrading some old laptops.

Marked this as reserved for:
ratfink - PAID - POSTED
scrappysphinx - PAID - POSTED

as they expressed interest in my previous sale thread for the same.

3x 240GB SSDs for sale.
All Western Digital WD240G, unopened and unused
Looking for 20 each + Postage
Postage in the uk is as follows:
Boxed - 3.00 postage
Unboxed - 1.50 postage (i.e. taken out of original packaging)
The postage prices are correct regardless of quantity
I.e. 3x unboxed will still only cost 1.50
(The unboxed ones will fit in "large letter" posting, whereas the boxed ones need to go as a small parcel)


12th September 2018, 12:19
Interested, if any of the guys change their minds.

12th September 2018, 14:42
Me too. I expressed interest on your first thread. Oh well.

12th September 2018, 19:37
Thanks for that binox. Pm sent for payment details.

12th September 2018, 19:39
Yes please, thanks binox, sending pm

12th September 2018, 22:17
Thanks but I've got one elsewhere since so onto next. Interest withdrawn

12th September 2018, 22:30
i am interested also, please pm me if i get in line,

13th September 2018, 01:09
Payment sent for mine. Thanks

13th September 2018, 09:48
Payment sent

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14th September 2018, 09:16
PM me if the last one is still available and nobody else in line grabs it

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14th September 2018, 12:20
Mine arrived this morning. Cloning the wife's MacHD to it now ready for the upgrade. Thanks buddy and positive feedback left

16th September 2018, 12:15
Arrived a few days ago thanks binox, feedback left ;)

19th September 2018, 11:15
I take it that there is none left??

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22nd September 2018, 09:35
Is there any left

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22nd September 2018, 20:34
Crap I'm late, I've been looking for a reasonably priced SSD forever :P If you got any more in the future, let me know!

24th September 2018, 13:47
Sent xeon3d a final pm for confirmation...

If I get no response today I'll move it on to limboy777

26th September 2018, 16:17
Well, according to the PM tracking, xeon3d has read my PM and not replied.

PMing limboy777 now

27th September 2018, 07:32
Interest declared

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30th September 2018, 19:10
Declaring interest in a SSD if the others decide to fall asleep for the coming 72 hours.

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1st October 2018, 12:09
No response fron limboy777 moving on to looneybinjim

4th October 2018, 13:06
PM sent mate

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5th October 2018, 13:19
All sold!

8th October 2018, 10:45
All received! Thanks again, remember to please let me know if u find anymore knocking about

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