View Full Version : For Sale Laptop from the past 400MHz

12th September 2018, 17:13
Just throwing this one out there, just in case someone is interested.

I have for sale a "Twinhead" laptop.

I used it for retro gaming for a while, but I haven't touched it for a couple of years now.

400MHz Celeron CPU
14inch colour screen
A whopping 128MB of RAM!
Floppy drive
CD Rom drive
Built in modem!

Running Windows 98 SE

The charger works fine. The battery holds some charge, although it may as well not! It lasted only a few mins from full charge.... But it's enough to hold BIOS settings at least

I will provide with it a Netgear 511G wireless card - Allowing you to connect over WiFi using WEP only
A PCMCIA 10/100 network card, based on a realtek chipset.
A modem lead.
Office 97 Professional - For all your productivity needs!
A fetching silver laptop bag from "Tiny"

The hinge on it has seen better days. but it still works and holds the screen up.
There's no dead pixels that I can see.
Overall condition is OK considering the age. (Slight crack around the floppy front, button plastic missing)
The catch that holds the screen closed doesn't work properly.
Some of the plastic clips are undoing a bit, but can probably be popped back together with some patience (that I don't have)

Looking for 50 35 plus postage.
(I imaging untracked UK shipping will be around 10 - 15)

I will post outside the UK, but I will not be able to send the battery with it.
It is also heavy, so the cost of shipping outside the UK will probably be very large.


15th September 2018, 15:30
Given the fact that the battery is terrible... I've dropped the price to 35 plus postage

It will still make a nice retro machine that you can tuck away :)