View Full Version : Swapped A3640 upgraded to 68060 A4000 Accelerator

18th September 2018, 11:45

Hi ,

bought it very cheap on the other Bay and want to swap it.
Its an upgraded A3640 with extra 3.9 ROMs.

Want to swap it for A1200 Stuff , for Example:
-Indivision AGA MK2
-Blizzard SCSI KIT IV
-Recapped Boards
-Nice Games
or whatever you want to offer

The Price is very cheap , cause of that i want good offers ;-)
Also OK if you have just lower Priced Parts to fill it up with some Money.
But a swap is my first Goal

18th September 2018, 12:02
Sent PM.

18th September 2018, 12:35
Sent PM.

About what ???

Declare interest:
If you wish to buy an item, you must declare interest in the thread. If there are multiple items on offer, you must specify which item(s) or how many you're interested in. In both cases, this should be clear and unambiguous. Please avoid vague statements like "PM sent" or "I might be interested in...", use direct wording such as , "I am interested in...". The clearer you are in your assertions the less likely there will be any ambiguity as to who is next in line. Remember, English isn't everyone's first language here.

18th September 2018, 12:47
Okay, I'm sorry.

Declaring interested. I have an Indivision AGA MK2cr 1200 to swap.
I sent a private message with a few questions.

18th September 2018, 12:48
Hi I m interested Next in line.
I have a blizzard scsi kit iv to swap.

18th September 2018, 13:02
Answered both PMs , will make a dicision this evening.
Both Items are very interesting for me .

18th September 2018, 13:14
I have recapped A1200 board for swap, PM on the way.

18th September 2018, 19:53
Sorry to fralbore and PeachMan ,
i have a Deal with Stachu100.
This is not a Deal with Money or Items , i asked stachu to send the Accelerator for free and perhaps
one day i need an Upgrade or repair for a Blizzard Card.
I am glad and will have no Fear to buy an untested PPC or 1260 , thanks to the Pope
of Amiga Accelarators.

nice Swap

19th September 2018, 12:27
Parcel shipped to stachu100
Tracking-Informations + Images sent to stachu via PM

28th September 2018, 08:10
Parcel shipped to stachu100
Tracking-Informations + Images sent to stachu via PM
Parcel received, all ok.
Positive feedback on the way. Thanks!

22nd October 2018, 21:41
DAMN what a great Job ,
just got a Video + Images from stachu100 about my upgraded PPC

1000000 THANK YOUs to stachu 100

Feedback left

1st November 2018, 16:32
Can be closed....
perhaps let some guys see the Images first....
Stachu is really the Pope of PPC.
Great work and its running like Hell in my Desktop A1200.
Some Images:


Upgraded with some extra Fans and an extra cooler to use this one in my Desktop A1200 ;-)

Thanks again stachu100

P.S. 2 more upgrades and it will be my first System which is fully upgraded….a BVision with some Stuff from stachu100
a 1TB SSD.
Upgrades which are Installed : RapidRoad , Fast ATA MKV , CD Drive , 2 Aneroussis Sticks , Cinemateq external Upscaler , Autofire-KIT , Omega external Sound Enhancer ,
Wireless Mouse , HD DiskDrive and some smaller Parts like Vented Trapdoor , higher Feets , scanline Konverter SLG 3000 and so on.
Will see if the Tower which is next can Top it :-)