View Full Version : Closed Cyberstorm MK II + SCSI Kit + SCSI Cardreader

19th September 2018, 13:32
Hi there!

I am selling my Cyberstorm MKII clocked at 50MHz. It comes wich 128MB Ram and SCSI Kit.

I want 950 Euro with Rev 6 CPU or 900 Euro with Rev 1 CPU
Shipping and paypal fees are not included.

I am also selling a SCSI 6in1 cardreader for 150 Euro + shipping + paypal (works fine with MKII)

I am looking for a 3640/3660 CPU card and could swap/adjust the price in return.

19th September 2018, 13:39
Interested in SCSI 6in1 reader - waiting for pics.

19th September 2018, 13:50
I have a 3660 last gen with REV 5 060 CPU + converter from tbTorro and the original 040. I'd swap it + compensate.

20th September 2018, 14:40
Interest withdrawn. Good luck with the sale!

23rd September 2018, 16:15
Second in line for the Interested in SCSI 6in1 reader.

29th September 2018, 12:12
not for sale anymore.