View Full Version : Closed SUPERB Clean A4000 Rev B motherboard

20th September 2018, 13:56
Decided to sell my spare Amiga 4000 Rev B motherboard. The board is fully tested and everything works perfectly, including all ports, sound, RAM, holds time etc..

- Comes 2MB Chip RAM
- BUSTER 11 socketed (latest) 3.0 KS ROMs
- Overall excellent condition fully working (NO capacitor leaks, everything is clean)
- SIMM socket clips are intact, RAM modules clip into place easily and securely
- Capacitors are original, but I can offer recap service if the buyer wishes so, with normal or premium (polymer) parts, details here:
- Battery removed, lithium battery kit can be installed if the buyer wants it (free)
- There was minimal battery corrosion, the area has been cleaned up completely - see pictures
- No repairs or soldering done, everything is original apart from the battery area cleanup

Considering the condition, asking 550 plus shipping + fees (PayPal: fees added, IBAN transfer (no fees), or wire transfer (no fees) in UK, USA, AUS local to you in local currency or PayPal). Shipping cost is 17 anywhere in the globe. Also on sale elsewhere. Sensible offers are welcome.


20th September 2018, 14:39

20th September 2018, 16:04

Sold outside Amibay with immediate payment - sorry.