View Full Version : For Sale HP Stream laptop, I think with windows 8

20th September 2018, 20:01
Really neat blue HP Stream 11.6" laptop for sale. N2840 32gb 2gb ram.

Upgradable I think (for free?) via the upgrade mechanism, can you check that yourself please as I'm all Mac and dont know!

i have 2 laptops here, only used by my kids for Scratch and code club. They both have little usage marks but generally are in great nick (for age ok), also that they were on offer at Argos as "refurbished" which as you know generally means 'overstocks' and that why I paid under 200 each about a year ago? 16 months? Price reflects all this.

1 x laptop is 60 each paypal gift plus 9 UPS. UK only.

Have never been software upgraded, and have never even been connected to the internet. Both have been restored to factory settings.





- - - Updated - - -

edit: Intel Celeron. . Both laptops are boxed, and with psu etc

13th October 2018, 23:45
Bump ;)

31st October 2018, 13:40
will also list elsewhere. ta

11th December 2018, 20:33
a pre-christmas extra present bump :)

25th December 2018, 09:49
a pre-christmas extra present bump :)
declaring interest for both

25th December 2018, 13:43
Hi free jack

will pm re details. Btw I’m away, will send c 4th jan. hope you have fun with them, I have them in their boxes ready to find a bigger box for the pair.

2nd January 2019, 23:31
I'm back. Free_jack, I'll wait til 10th as cant accept your lower offer, if you can get to the full amount by the 10th then I hope that helps. i've not listed elsewhere yet but will then. ta