View Full Version : Swap ASUS GeForce FX5950 Ultra trade for modern GPU (GTX680 or Equivalent)

4th October 2018, 17:47
Looking to trade my ASUS GeForce FX5950 for a modern NVIDIA GPU at least on par with a GTX 680. My 780TI recently died and I need a modern video card more than this atm. It currently has an Arctic NV aftermarket cooler and a custom backplate on the back. I have various other small items I could throw in as value-add incentives (Lots of Pentium III through IV CPUs, many hundreds of sticks of SDR and DDR RAM, some hard drives) if needed to bring the value up a bit on my end.

This is considered by many to be a holy grail card for Windows 98 due to it being one of the last cards with official support for the OS as well as support for 8 bit textures.

I'm only shipping to US addresses.