View Full Version : For Sale Jumptec cpu board / single board computer (Pentium 133mhz + 4GB Hyperdisk)

13th October 2018, 10:44
I have for sale a working Jumptec single board computer.
Its a Pentium 133mhz with a 4GB Hyperdisk (Flash Disk Module, IDE) and 64mb memory (2x32MB 72-pins).

Some more details :

- IDE port (holding the Flash Disk Module)
- Floppy port
- 2x Serial Port
- Parallel port
- 2x Game Port
- VGA port
- PS/2 Keyboard + Mouse
- USB port
- RJ45 port (LAN)
- SIS 5571 chipset

Asking 6050 euro's + postage (or next best offer)

Pictures can be found here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/42506876@N00/albums/72157704407318634

20th November 2018, 19:13
Small price drop + option for next best offer

7th December 2018, 14:55
Hello, I'd like to see come pictures please :-)

8th December 2018, 14:50
Hello, I'd like to see come pictures please :-)

Finally took some pictures, you can find them there : https://www.flickr.com/photos/42506876@N00/albums/72157704407318634

8th December 2018, 16:43
Does it come with a power adapter ?

8th December 2018, 16:54
No power adapter, any standard PC power supply with an AMP (some people call them molex) connector will do (the same connectors that drive 5.25" drive's etc.)

9th December 2018, 19:39
Declaring interest.

9th December 2018, 19:46
Quest is first in line (just to make sure its clear to everyone :) )