View Full Version : Sold New Western Digital Red 4TB SATA HDD

16th October 2018, 13:31

I have for sale a 4TB WD SATA hard drive.

It's been sitting around for a while in case on of the drives in my fileserver dies - But I've moved the majority of my storage elsewhere.

This still has nearly a years warranty left on it (August 2019)

Looking for 70 including postage within the UK

Tracked to the rest of Europe will be 11 postage

For anywhere else, I'll get a postage quote.


16th October 2018, 13:48
Interested will ask the boss

16th October 2018, 14:18
Interested, next.

31st October 2018, 13:09
Payment sent thanks for waiting

2nd November 2018, 01:41
and arrived today (1st November) and installed

Thanks for fast delivery.

installed in my nas and currently recovering data from my last 3TB Seagate Barracuda (warranty April 2018 :( )

1st 3tb seagate Barracuda died about 4 weeks ago without warning and my 2nd started to show signs a week or to after as if they were programmed to fail at the same time.
SMART = Current pending sector count of over 300... sucks

both Seagate drives have around 3.5 years power on time.

my 2 2TB Hitachi drives 6.5yrs power on time have 0 errors bad blocks or pending,, I should have known better buying Seagate but they were cheap at the time.

Feedback done.