View Full Version : Sold 2 Blizzard 1230 IV + SCSI KIT IV

20th October 2018, 11:53

The italian Guy sent some Blizzard 1230 IV and some SCSI KIT IV

so tested 3 B1230IV and all worked (tested for 15 minutes each )

10 available (some more to come)

First sale is 2 1230 IV without FPU for 220€ plus shipping each (PP Friends or add Fees) shipping is 6,99€ to Germany and 17,99€ EU 1 SOLD to dir_marillion 1 left

1 SCSI KIT for 120€.....SOLD to dir_marillion

Without any Guarantee cause tested for a short time (will test again before shipping)

No RAM included.

If you want both Blizzard and the SCSI KIT its 500€ + shipping + 2 Tickets (timtheloon)

EDIT: if you take the 500€ Bundle its + 2 3€ Tickets for Timtheloons A4000 Auction ;-)

20th October 2018, 12:56
Interested, PM

- - - Updated - - -

withdraw interest, sorry

20th October 2018, 15:03
interested for one 1230 IV and scsi kit, pending questions

20th October 2018, 17:13
Hi, interested.

20th October 2018, 18:20
Both PMs replied and sent some more Test Images to the potencial buyers.
Cards are running some Demos atm.
A little more time today cause can shipping on Monday ;-)

20th October 2018, 18:59
Next in line for double bundle.

20th October 2018, 21:10
Deal agreed with dir_marillion

20th October 2018, 21:30
Payment sent, thank you very much.
Gambler has already a super positive feedback by me !!

20th October 2018, 21:41
Payment received and Images of packaging sent to dir_marillion.
Tracking-Informations + Label will follow

Many Thanks

Feedback left...congrats for your first Feedback on Amibay

21st October 2018, 10:26
Tracking Informations sent and Label checked

21st October 2018, 13:37
Payment received from Doublelefthander,
Image of packaging + tracking sent.
will be shipped tomorrow

Many Thanks + Feedback left

anything sold in this Thread

22nd October 2018, 09:30
Both Parcels shippd .

Please contact me in case of any Issues during shipping

23rd October 2018, 18:55
Hallo Gambler, angekommen!

Many Thanks for your offer! Board is arrived an working in my A1200.

2nd November 2018, 15:40
Ok. Time to kick some ass.

Please stop the discussion in this thread.

If either of you have a problem with this thread then use the report post button.

All arguments within the thread will now be removed and if any more public outbursts are posted you will receive infraction points.

2nd November 2018, 16:20
Any Feedbacks left.
Can be closed.
Thanks for Neutral with a wrong reason
Poor you didnt ship back and get a refund