View Full Version : Sold 240GB Gigabyte SSDs (Yes, more from me)

21st October 2018, 16:10
Here I have for sale 2x 240GB Gigabyte SSDs

I got these accidently, thought I was ordering a couple of 480s and I left it too long to return.

There's a 10% restocking fee -_- plus I have to pay return postage... So I'm passing the savings on to you guys instead.

Looking for 20 each including UK Postage


21st October 2018, 16:36
interested in both

- - - Updated - - -

Payment Sent

21st October 2018, 16:41
Interested if you get any more.

21st October 2018, 18:34
Thought u were gonna message me if you found more :(

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21st October 2018, 18:39
Sorry, completely slipped my mind! :( I didn't write it down because I honestly wasn't expecting to have any more