View Full Version : Wanted Amiga 3000 Suber Buster 11, IDE controller and few other stuff

23rd October 2018, 20:14
I'm looking for Amiga 3000 SuperBuster 11 and IDe controller like Buddha IDE or AT-Bus 2008 original or clone and few other stuff for a3000 like:

1. Front panel (can be damaged but I need one complete floppy bay
2. Middle metal part for mounting PSU nad floppy drives with or without floppy cases
3. Plastic rails for zorro cards mounted in front of metal case
4. Original A3000 floppy drive with button or with 3D printed button
5. Commodore Pregnant mouse for a3000
6. Big Ram plus or other FAST RAM expansion

If anyone have something from this list please let me know.