View Full Version : Sold Gigabyte GA-7ZX + Duron 1300 (Onboard SB PCI 128 + ISA SLOT)

3rd November 2018, 11:21
Hello Everyone,

Today I have for sale Motherboard + CPU which is:

Gigabyte GA-7ZX v1.01 (https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-7ZX-rev-1x#ov) + AMD Duron 1300 (Morgan) + fancy copper CPU cooler + port cover.

Motherboard is 100% stable, no blowed capacitors (5x 1000uF/10V has been replaced) and has got new CR2032 battery, and latest bios.
I've tested it in 3d Mark 2000 and 2001.
Interested thing is that this motherboard has SB PCI 128 built in, which has DOS drivers with working wavetable.
Except that user has possibility to use any ISA soundcard (or other ISA extension).
CPU cooler is a little noisy (at 5000 rpm), but is efficient enough to slow it down (let's say to 3000 rpm), and keep CPU cool.

https://naforum.zapodaj.net/thumbs/0d231166c9f5.jpg (https://naforum.zapodaj.net/0d231166c9f5.jpg.html) https://naforum.zapodaj.net/thumbs/cc0fce80edf6.jpg (https://naforum.zapodaj.net/cc0fce80edf6.jpg.html) https://naforum.zapodaj.net/thumbs/f32e3f0ea585.jpg (https://naforum.zapodaj.net/f32e3f0ea585.jpg.html) https://naforum.zapodaj.net/thumbs/b3812a6384e6.jpg (https://naforum.zapodaj.net/b3812a6384e6.jpg.html) https://naforum.zapodaj.net/thumbs/3a9f80409c7d.png (https://naforum.zapodaj.net/3a9f80409c7d.png.html)
https://naforum.zapodaj.net/thumbs/2943c011e106.png (https://naforum.zapodaj.net/2943c011e106.png.html) https://naforum.zapodaj.net/thumbs/de847b6f8868.png (https://naforum.zapodaj.net/de847b6f8868.png.html) https://naforum.zapodaj.net/thumbs/b242c8de1eef.png (https://naforum.zapodaj.net/b242c8de1eef.png.html) https://naforum.zapodaj.net/thumbs/fb2fda68b92f.png (https://naforum.zapodaj.net/fb2fda68b92f.png.html)

I'm asking 25 eur + 15 eur shipping (all over the world).

Now 20 eur + 15 shipping. I may also ship for 10 euro without cpu fan.

14th November 2018, 21:07
Price drop.

14th November 2018, 21:52
Declaring interest, will send PM soon

15th November 2018, 08:39
Payment sent

16th November 2018, 19:04
Money received. Motherboard sent.

27th November 2018, 00:26
Package received.