View Full Version : Closed Atari ST Game - Street Fighter II - BOXED

18th October 2010, 13:10
Street Fighter II - Boxed for the Atari ST


I am looking for offers around 15 GB pounds. Postage to the UK is 3 pounds to the UK and 5 pounds to Europe.


18th October 2010, 13:28
Please PM your offers.

After expressing interest in the thread :thumbsup:

Dave G :cool:

18th October 2010, 13:45
Actually as AmiBay isn't an auction site, I think that he must state a starting price, not only just an offer. :unsure:

18th October 2010, 13:47
True - I missed that - apologies to Amibay for not being awake :oops:


Please update your thread with a price you would like for the item. You can of course add 'or near offer' to your asking price.

Thanks, Dave G :cool:

18th October 2010, 13:59
Done, and thank you. It is hard to price such items :unsure:

15th December 2010, 18:00
Hi there, this game was sold on Ebay. Thanks for looking!