View Full Version : Found someone to supply and program Rom chips for a4000 with 3.1.4 os

9th November 2018, 22:14
Hi Guys
I need some rom chips done and having looked into the cost of the programmer thought I would ask here first I have the rom files from my download from Hyperion so this is for LEGAL roms before the admins kick my backside.

Can anyone help please?


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or can someone point me to a very cheap programmer

9th November 2018, 23:32
Sending PM

10th November 2018, 06:26
i have wide range of ROM Chips (C64, C128, Amiga) and i am able to burn them,
Just hit me a message if interested

10th November 2018, 09:41
Thanks Guys sent a mail to crazybob but am well happy that DJCook got in touch too admins please close