View Full Version : For Sale Raspberry Pi v1.0b 1.1

13th November 2018, 18:53
This is a continuation of the off-the-shelf-cos-taking-up-too-much-space sale. They are as-seen, known issues are declared, not tested any of them today. I received these when they came out - opened the packaging, took a smell of the pcb, and on the shelf it stayed.

I have absolutely no problem with someone buying these and re-selling them, I just want them out.

Original boxes. The case box is falling apart in my hands.

Consisting of:

1x Pi (v1.0b 1.1 per the sticker on the pcb)
1x BLK case

UK only please, 5 will cover the postage I'm sure (I bet I get bitten on the arse for that).

Payment via PayPal giftage.

15 including the above postage.
17.50 including the above postage.
20 including the above postage.


20th November 2018, 16:08
Price drop

2nd December 2018, 16:05
Price drop

4th February 2019, 19:49
Hello Rasta, would you consider shipping outside the UK somehow?
I live in Taiwan and I'm looking for a first generation Pi.
Thanks for any reply!

4th February 2019, 20:03
Interested next inline

13th February 2019, 15:31
Interest withdrawn.