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Amiga Forever
21st November 2018, 13:17
NXZT Red Case
i5 6500
16GB Ram
Samsung Evo HD

It come with Windows 10

It was 350, it was 325 and it was 300

The graphics card have now been take out as I have decide reduce price futher.

The price is Now 250

UK Collections Only



Just show that It is working with Fresh Windows 10

Amiga Forever
22nd November 2018, 14:46
Open to Senisble Offer.

Rules - You must Declare interested first then you can send me your PM(Private Message) with your offer as then I might accept it or rejected it depending the price

22nd November 2018, 14:52
Strictly collection only still?

Amiga Forever
22nd November 2018, 15:22
Strictly collection only still? Yes as I don't want to take risk sending pc through the post

Amiga Forever
22nd November 2018, 23:06
Price Drop

23rd November 2018, 00:56
Price Drop

When changes prices in a thread you must leave the original price within the thread.

i.e. Was 50 Now 40

Amiga Forever
24th November 2018, 17:00
Price Drop

Amiga Forever
26th November 2018, 13:29
The graphics card is taking out and now the Price is 250